Homeopathic Cholesterol Remedy

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Homeopathic cholesterol remedies can be helpful to treat cholesterol by stimulating our own body organ. Homeopathy is a nano-pharmacology, which uses small doses in order to treat the cholesterol, so no side effects.

Homeopathic remedy is effective in cholesterol treatment; additionally, you can follow cholesterol home remedies to lower your cholesterol level.  (replace the above with this)

You can take high-cholesterol homeopathic remedies along with cholesterol herbs, cholesterol yoga, cholesterol acupressure, and cholesterol massage for a more effective result.

Homeopathic information for beginners

Homeopathy Remedies

If you are new to Homeopathy system of medicine and want to try out with a maximum benefit, then we advise you to read.

Adonis vernalis homeopathic cholesterol remedy

This homeopathic remedy is useful, if the muscles of the heart are in the stage of fatty degeneration, it regulates the pulse and increases the power of contractions of the heart, with increase urinary secretions. This remedy has weak heart, slow (weak) pulses, and low vitality.

Suggested dosage is five to ten drops of the tincture.

Homeopathy materia medica - Adonis vernalis (thanks to Homeopathe International)

Fucus vesiculsus homeopathic cholesterol remedy

This homeopathic medication is for obesity, flatulency. It increases rapidity of digestion, Thyroid enlargement in obese people.

Suggested dosage is 5 drops of tincture twice daily for longtime to lessen fat.

Cholesterinum homeopathic cholesterol remedy

Cholesterinum is the most commonly used homeopathic medicine for lowering cholesterol.

Suggested dosage is third trituration.

Homeopathy materia medica for Cholesterinum (thanks to Homeopathe International)

Crataegus oxyacantha homeopathic cholesterol remedy

This is a homeopathic cholesterol remedy as a cardiac tonic. It is a remedy for insomnia, anemia, high arterial tension, irregular pulse, and breathing. Have a solvent power on deposits in the arteries, diabetes.

Suggested dosage is a tincture of 1 to 15 drops, for some time to gain a good result.

If you know that, you started to have clogged, arteries you can start to take Crataegus-mother tincture 15 drops, 3times, daily for more than three months. Have a solvent power on crustaceous and calcareous deposits in arteries.

Homeopathy materia medica - Crataegus oxyacantha (thanks Homeopathe International)

Fel Tauri homeopathic cholesterol remedy

This homeopathic treatment increases the duodenal secretion, emulsifies fats and increases the peristaltic action of the intestines. Disordered digestion, diarrhea, and pain in the nape of the neck are among its chief symptoms, a tendency to sleep after eating food.

Suggested dosage is low trituration.

Phosphorus homeopathic cholesterol remedy

This homeopathy remedy is useful for cholesterol associated with nervous symptoms. Its symptoms in no instance point to increase of power or vitality, or to any genuine stimulation of function. It is a remedy for destructive metabolism, yellow atrophy of the liver and sub acute hepatitis. Blood extravasations - fatty degenerations, cirrhosis, caries, are pathological states often calling for Phosphorus.

Suggested dosage is third to thirtieth potency, too low or continual dosage.

Homeopathy materia medica - Phosphorus (thanks to Homeopathe International)

Keep the medicines away from direct sunlight, heat, do not store in fridge and not near EMI source such as computer, TV, DVD, all electronic items.

The Homeopathic cholesterol remedies are effective to treat cholesterol without any side effects. However, do not give up your cholesterol modern medications; take with it until the cholesterol level reaches normal. Then slowly lessen the dosage and discard the allopathic medication if possible.

Are High blood pressure (Homeopathic) remedies safe?
Homeopathic remedies are safe; many skeptics are trying to prove it as placebo (no medicine) by consuming a full bottle of the remedy. This proves that even when one consumes the entire bottle of remedy does not cause any known harm (even though you do not try this). There are no scientific studies to prove the efficacy or effectiveness of the homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are personal (individualized), so it is difficult to generalize about overall effectiveness. For life-threatening conditions do not try homeopathy, and should not delay seeking proved therapies for severe health conditions.

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