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Cholesterol Screening Test

Cholesterol Screening Test

What is cholesterol screening test? You can take this test without fasting. If the result is abnormal, you need detailed lipid profile test.

Symptoms of high cholesterol are harmless or difficult to recognize. High cholesterol mostly diagnosed during the routine screening test. You can undergo this test without fasting.

Cholesterol screening doesn't need to fast

Some people may not interest in lipoprotein profile test that needs fasting. If you are one, then total, and HDL cholesterol gives you a general picture of the cholesterol level. Additionally, cholesterol screening test not needs fasting.

If your screening cholesterol tests result of

  • The total cholesterol more than 200 mg/dL; or
  • HDL less than 40 mg/dL;

You must undergo lipoprotein profile test to confirm high cholesterol diagnosis.

Cholesterol screening recommendation for adults

Adults over 20 years need to undergo cholesterol screening test for every five years. If the total and HDL cholesterol levels are always normal, then you may go longer between tests. If the total cholesterol is borderline high and low HDL, then you may need more frequent testing.

People with diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or high pressure should take cholesterol screening test. No matter, what their age is.

Cholesterol screening recommendation for children

A family history of high cholesterol and heart attacks (before age 55 in men and before age 65 in women). Cholesterol screening test should start as early as two years, and no later than ten years. Obese or diabetic with normal cholesterol should undergo cholesterol test for every 3-5 years.

Lipoprotein profile test does not need fasting

Cambridge researchers analyzed 300,000 data and found cholesterol test results were accurate without fasting. That is even eating before the cholesterol test does not affect the result.

Your body need enough time to digest foods and remove fats from the blood. Triglycerides level in the blood is fluctuating for about 8 hours after eating. That is why so fasting is recommendable for lipid profile test. The cholesterol screening test measure only total and HDL cholesterol, thus fasting not required.

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