Cholesterol Home Remedies

The cholesterol home remedies (lowering cholesterol without medication) are a set of healthy habits that can help to lower your cholesterol levels.

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Is it possible to lower cholesterol level without medication?

Do you the one want to avoid side effects of cholesterol medications then it is viable for you to lower your cholesterol levels without medications in a healthy and economical way? However, you need to follow some home remedies with consistent effort to make it possible.

How do you lower cholesterol without medication?

High cholesterol level is due to some defect in the fat metabolism; you can manage or overcome this by helping the body system to work back to normal. There is no known cure for high cholesterol, but you can manage it with some simple effective home remedies. Healthy cholesterol-lowering plan involves some simple modification in your eating choices, increased physical activity, plan to lose weight (if over weight), quit smoking (if a smoker), limit alcohol and even can take supplements.

Cholestero l diet or food 

The first step towards lowering your cholesterol numbers with home remedies is to eat the right healthy foods and to stop eating the wrong unhealthy foods. Eliminate or dramatically reduce all fatty foods from your diet.

  • Prefer low-fat and high-fiber foods – plan to eat low saturated fat and cholesterol diets, do not go more than 200 mg/day of cholesterol per day.
  • Increase the amount of soluble fiber into the diet.
  • Introduce certain vegetarian plant products that are rich in stanols or sterols (e.g. cholesterol lowering margarines) in your diet to boost LDL lowering property.

Visit cholesterol diet or food for more healthy food choices that helps to lower your choleterol number.

Increase physica l activity

The second step towards lowering your cholesterol number with home remedies is to exercise regularly. Regular exercise not only helps to lower your cholesterol number, additionally it can make you more flexible, energetic and improve overall wellness.

An increased physical activity or exercising for 30 minutes on most of the days a week is recommendable for everyone, including people with high cholesterol. Exercising can help to raise HDL cholesterol level, lower LDL & triglyceride levels. Visit cholesterol physical activity for how do you make your life more active. 

Obese or over wei ght

The third step towards lowering your cholesterol number with home remedies is to lose weight. Time has come to take necessary steps to lose extra weight, because this may contribute to this rise in your cholesterol levels.

You are considering as obese if your waist size is more than 40 inches in the case of men (35 inches in the case of women). You are considering as overweight if the BMI (body mass index) is more than 25. Visit weight loss cholesterol to know how losing weight helps to lower your cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol Supplements 

The fourth step towards lowering your cholesterol number with home remedies is by taking cholesterol supplementations such as omega-3 fatty acids and fibers. Omega3 fatty acid supplements help to improve your cholesterol level by increasing HDL good cholesterol. Soluble fibers help stop absorption of dietary cholesterol.

Fish contain omega-3 fatty acid, which is beneficial for heart. Increase the intake of certain fish variety rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Otherwise, you may include Omega-3 fatty acid supplements. Visit Omega-3 Cholesterol for more information on how omega-3 supplement helps to lower your cholesterol number.

Quit Smoking

Finally, to lower your cholesterol level you have to stop smoking and lower your alcohol consumption. Stop smoking not only helps in lower your cholesterol level, additionally it helps in preventing or stopping cholesterol effects (or complications). Lowering alcohol consumption helps to remove strain over your liver and helps it to work normally in cholesterol homeostasis.

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