Diabetes Information

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Diabetes is a chronic and complex disease, caused by having too much glucose (sugar) in the blood. This happens when there is low or no insulin production or improper use of insulin.

What is Diabetes? - About Diabetes

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus) is a metabolic disorder. Metabolism is a chemical process, occurs in all living cells or organisms, consumed food is broken down to yield energy and other substances necessary for life. It, furthermore, expels the waste let-out by this metabolic process.

What is Diabetes?

Most of the foods we eat are broken down into glucose (a form of sugar) and released into the bloodstream, which is the principal source of energy for our body. However, presence of insulin is vital to absorb glucose by our cells. Insulin makes it possible for our cells to take-up glucose.

Insulin is a hormone produces and secretes by the pancreas. Once the blood-glucose level rises after eating, the pancreas automatically senses the glucose level, and it releases a proportionate quantity of insulin in the bloodstream. This helps our body cells to consume the glucose present in our bloodstream, and thus keeps the blood-sugar level at a normal range.

Diabetes is a condition in which the quantity of glucose in the blood is raised called hyperglycemia. This happens when there is low or no insulin production or improper use of insulin.

Why is Diabetes and Diabetes Mellitus called so?

The term diabetes is from the Greek word diabaineine refers a tubular organ that take-in or expels water - excessive urine discharges disease.

In 1675, Thomas Willis added mellitus (means “honey” in Latin) to the word diabetes and called it as Diabetes Mellitus, which refers to too much of sweet taste urine.

Matthew Dobson in 1776 confirmed that diabetic’s urine and blood have excess sugar that contributes to its sweet taste.

History of Diabetes & Diabetics

Obesity & Diabetes - Sushruta (6th century BCE), identified and relates diabetes with obesity and sedentary lifestyle. In addition, suggests exercise to help cure it.

Ancient diabetes diagnosis – Ancient Indians diagnose diabetes by watching whether ants got attracts towards the urine, and they refer diabetes as sweet urine diseases. In addition, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese called in the same manner.

Role of the Pancreas in Diabetes – In 1889 Joseph von Mering and Oskar Minkowski discovered the role of the pancreas in diabetes after they found that, a dog whose pancreas cut removed cause’s diabetes symptoms and died later.

Insulin produced by Pancreas - In 1910 Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer confirmed that, a shortage in chemical produced by the pancreas is behind the cause of diabetes.

World Diabetes Day – Banting successfully purified hormone insulin from bovine pancreas and first effective treatment on 1922. Banting receives the Nobel Prize in 1923 for this remarkable achievement and honored by celebrating World Diabetes Day on his birthday that is November 14.

Distinction between diabetes types - Sir Harold Percival (Harry) Himsworth, first confirms type 1 and type 2, and it was in 1936 publications.

Diabetes Information

Diabetes is a condition with a high blood sugar (glucose) level, caused by improper glucose metabolism. Below are the lists of articles covering diabetes and its treatments, just click blue text to read more.

Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes Symptoms - Knowing the symptoms helps early diagnosis, timely treatment and avoids its complications.

Diabetes Risk Factors

Diabetes Risk factors – can increase your diabetes chances. Knowing and lowering it, helps prevent diabetes.

Diabetes Testing

Diabetes diagnosis test are Fasting Plasma Glucose test, Oral Glucose Tolerance test, Random plasma glucose test and HbA1C test.


Pre- diabetes – can anytime develop into full-fledged diabetes. Can you Prevent Diabetes? Yes, by simple lifestyle modifications.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes – Modify your lifestyle to manage healthy BS & A1C range for preventing diabetes complications.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes – Learn to eat right, carb counting, insulin dose calculation, and managing hypo & hyper-glycemia.

Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes & Diabetes during pregnancy – Learn to manage BS with healthy eating, and proper treatment for safer delivery.

Diabetes Lifestyle

Diabetes Lifestyle – Modify Life in a healthy way by eating right, physically active, losing weight, exercising, and stop smoking.

Diabetes ABC

Diabetes ABC - “A” stands for your A1C, “B” stands for your blood pressure, and “C” stands for your blood cholesterol level. Managing all the three is important.

Diabetes Foods

Diabetes food choices should be Smarter and healthier. Low carb eating is preferable than low-fat diet for effective blood-glucose management.

Diabetes Alternative Medicines

Diabetes Natural Treatment – covered here are Herbs, Homeopathy, Yoga, Acupressure & Reflexology.

Prevent Diabetes

Do you have more risk factor towards diabetes? Do not worry, you can prevent diabetes with some simple changes in your diet and activities.

Cure Diabetes

Is Diabetes Reversible? There is no known cure for diabetes; however, you can be able to manage it near normal blood-glucose range.

Diabetes complications

Diabetes complications – are due to badly managed BS, leads to nerves and organ damage. Learn to stop diabetes complications.

Diabetes Forum

Diabetes Forum – is FREE to Register, share, and gain knowledge in this Diabetes Forum.

Diabetes Sitemap

Diabetes Sitemap – Important, go here for easy link (Reading) for different diabetes topics.

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