Glucose Spikes Drops

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What is a diabetes roller coaster? It means blood-glucose spikes or drops. You are not alone, almost every diabetic person experiencing this.

What is a diabetes roller coaster?

A non-diabetic individual on hearing the word roller coaster, they start to imagine about amusement park rides, funs, excitement and everything about good times.

However, for diabetes, their lives are stuck on a roller coaster, whether you have fun with it or not. All diabetics are familiar with the term roller-coaster ride referring spikes and drops of their blood sugar levels. I am sure every diabetic would come across the feeling of tiredness, because of riding blood sugar roller coaster.

Why your blood glucose spikes or drops unexpectedly?

Just when you feel relaxed after gaining a good control of your blood-sugar level, you may suddenly undergo hyper or hypo. You are not alone; it is common among almost every person with diabetes. Numerous factors can disturb your blood-sugar level.

Some of the common blood glucose distressing factors are:

  • Smoking,
  • Stress,
  • Depression,
  • Anxiety,
  • Alcohol consumption,
  • Diet you ate,
  • Medication taken for other conditions,
  • Illness,
  • Climatic condition

Monitoring blood-glucose level regularly helps you to identify these worrying factors, which helps you to avoid most of these BS spikes or drops.

Most cases of the blood sugar roller coaster (BS spikes drops) are instrumental by lack of motivation and emotional energy. To bring back control and to stop diabetes roller coaster, you need to be in:

  • Positive thinking,
  • Focusing on your success,
  • Better management of stress,
  • Diabetes education (knowledge is power),
  • Turn your anger useful

Healthy mindsets and keep moving can help normalizing your blood-glucose level and stops BS spikes and drops.

Observe your body closely and try learning:

  • Foods that make your blood sugar spikes,
  • Physical activities that bring a blood sugar drop
  • How your illness disturbs your diabetes control,
  • How your mental feeling affects your blood-sugar level.

Be positive and keep a brave heart and mind; this helps to normalize your blood-sugar level without any fearful rise and fall.

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