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Acupressure Eye Massage

Acupressure Eye Massage

Acupressure clears the blockage of qi, so eye receives enough vital energy and blood circulation, and consequently, the eye problem vanishes by its own.

Acupressure holistic vision therapy

You can do the following Chinese eye massages after meals, during the commercial breaks while watching TV, or as often as you like.

Chinese Eye Massage Part 1

In this category, there are four eye massage available, they are:

  • Healing Eye Socket Massage
  • Temple Massage
  • Healing Ear Lobes Massage
  • Bone Behind Head Massage

Healing Eye Socket Massage: With the middle fingers, massage, the bone of the eye sockets with eyes closed. Move the fingers outwards and upwards, then down to the bridge of the nose, as indicated by the arrows in figure 1. Repeat eight times.

Temple Massage: Use the middle fingers to massage the hollows in the temples on either side of the face in an up and down movement. Repeat 8 times. (See Figure).

Healing Ear Lobes MassageUse the thumbs to massage the bones behind the ear lobes in an up and down movement. Repeat 8 times. (See figure)

Bone Behind Head Massage: Use the thumbs to massage the bones behind the head on either side of top of the neck, in an up and down movement. Repeat 8 times. (See figure)

Perform eye palming to rest on your eyes.

Chinese Holistic Eye Massages - Part 2

This set of Chinese’s eye exercises is excellent for students during intensive study periods.

  • With the fingers, gently massage the areas in the back of the skull directly behind the eyes. These may be very tender. (See figure)
  • Rotate the big toes clockwise and counterclockwise, and then massage them thoroughly, on the front, back and top, to improve blood supply to the brain and optic nerves, and to relax the neck muscles.
  • Massage the eye reflex areas on the soles directly below the second and third toes on both feet.
  • Massage the eye reflex areas directly below the nails of the big toes.

Chinese Holistic Eye Massages - Part 3

Yuyao Point Massage

  • Identify the two Yuyao points located at the medical (inner) aspect of the eyebrows.
  • Press your thumbs against the 2 points in a circular movement to a count of eight beats per cycle. Repeat the eight circles.

Zanzhu Points Massage

  • Identify the Zanzhu points, which are located on both sides of the nasal bridge.
  • Using either your right or left hand, place your thumb and index finger on the points. Press downwards and massage upwards to a count of eight beats per cycle. Repeat the eight cycles

Shibai Points Massage

  • Identify the Shibai points on your cheeks by dropping a vertical line from the pupils of your eyes and a horizontal line from the nearer (sides) of your nose. The cross point of these two lines is where the Shibai point is.
  • Press your index fingers on the Sibai points and support your thumbs on the angles of your jaws with the same remaining middle, ring, and little fingers on both sides of your chin. Massage the points in a circular movement to a count of eight beats per cycle. Repeat this for eight cycles.

Taiyang Point Massage

Pressing on temple points and sliding around the eye sockets

  • Identify the Taiyang points, which are located at the most hollow areas of your temples.
  • Press on the Taiyang points with your thumbs and flex the remaining fingers into a fist position.
  • Use the knuckles of your index fingers to slide over from medial to the lateral aspect of the upper eye sockets for the first four beats, and continue to do similarly over the lower eye sockets for the second four beats of each cycle. Repeat these eight cycles.

When you have completed the 3-stage regime of acupressure massage, look at a distance for a short while to ensure a total relaxation of your eye muscles.

Is Acupressure safe?

Acupressure is generally reporting as safe when performed by an experienced practitioner. No serious complications have been publishing, despite millions of treatments every year. Self-administered acupressure believes to be safe with proper training.

Vigorous acupressure may cause bruising in sensitive individuals. Carotid dissection and retinal and cerebral artery embolism have been associated with acupressure treatments, although the patients may have been predisposed to these adverse effects. Speak with your doctor or another qualified health care provider before receiving treatment.

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