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Therapeutic body massage

As per TCM concept, Liver meridian is connecting with the eye, so a good liver means brighter eyesight. This Liver massage is simple to do to improve your eyesight or correcting your eye problems.

Therapeutic abdominal massages for better vision

  • Powerful Neck Loosening Massage
  • Chinese Taoist Kidney, Stomach and Liver Massage

Powerful Neck Loosening Massage

Stiffness around the neck and shoulders can cause severe eye tension. To loosen-up, your neck and release tension performs Neck Rolls.

How do you do a powerful neck loosening massage?

  • turn your head in a circular motion
  • move it left to right as far as you can
  • let it drop forward and then backward as far as possible

While head is all the way back, lift both shoulders up and near your earlobes and move head right to left and left to right several times. This movement squeezes the tension right out of the neck and trapezious muscles. You will feel relaxed and refreshed after performing this movement for one to two minutes. Perform these exercises often during the day. They help to reduce eyestrain, neck tightness, and eye tension headaches.

Note: Practice Do-In or Self Massage to your neck and shoulders with your fingers, knuckles, and palms. If you have any soreness or energy blockages in these areas, by massaging them, you will feel renewed energy and fresh blood flowing to your head, brain, and eyes. Without the proper nerve and blood supply to the eyes, vision improvement cannot progress at a steady rate. In fact, nerve and blood flow blockages can definitely hold back your quest for Perfect Eyesight For faster eyesight improvement; the "Head Lift" Technique is unsurpassed.

Chinese Taoist Kidney, Stomach and Liver Massage

It is a Key to Super-Health of whole body and Clear-Vision. In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are considering the health and longevity organs of the whole body. The stomach is considering the central energy station or grand central station for food distribution to the entire system. The liver is the great detoxifying organ of the body. It filters out chemicals, pollutants, environmental poisons, preservatives, fats, oils, etc. A weak liver places great stress on the immune system. Liver congestion causes poor food digestion & fatigue.

How do you do kidney massage? Rub your hands together until warm and place them over the kidneys (right and left side of lower back) for 10 seconds. Next, rub the kidney area vigorously, at least 35 times up and down. Finish this massage by lightly pounding the kidney area with your palms.

How do you do Stomach & Liver Massage? Rub under right and left side of the rib cage 35 times. The liver is under the right rib cage. The stomach is under the left rib cage. This Do-In massage can help sharpen your vision and bring energy and healing power into your stomach and liver.

Benefits of abdominal massage: It not only improves eye vision, but also it is good for indigestion, constipation, stomach flatulence, and stomach bloating.

Is acupressure safe?

Acupressure is generally reporting as safe when performed by an experienced practitioner. No serious complications have been publishing, despite millions of treatments every year. Self-administered acupressure believes to be safe with proper training.

Vigorous acupressure may cause bruising in sensitive individuals. Carotid dissection and retinal and cerebral artery embolism have been associated with acupressure treatments, although the patients may have been predisposed to these adverse effects. Speak with your doctor or another qualified health care provider before receiving treatment.

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