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Eye Symptoms Adults

Any unusual change in the eyes or vision needs further investigation.

Eye problem’s symptoms among adults

Some common eye problem’s symptoms among adults are:

  • Difficulty adopting to dark rooms
  • Difficulty focusing the near or distant objects
  • Squinting or blinking may be due to light sensitivity
  • Iris color change
  • Red rimmed or swollen eye lids
  • Frequent pain in or around eyes
  • Blur or Double vision
  • Appearance of dark spot at the center of viewing
  • edges of the viewing appear distorted or wavy
  • watery eyes (too much of tears)
  • Dry eyes, itching or burning
  • Viewing with spots or ghost like images  

Serious eye symptoms of adults

Symptoms of serious problems need emergency medical attention:

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Sudden blur vision
  • Light flashes or dark spots
  • Halos or rainbows around light
  • Curtain over vision
  • Loss of peripheral or side vision

If have any signs of serious eye problems, see an eye doctor for a complete eye exam. Even if have no signs, regular eye exams are recommended. It is emphasizing for those with diabetes and high blood pressure. Early detection and treatment are important for preventing vision loss.

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