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Eyecare Home Remedies

Eyecare Home Remedies

Family eye care and home remedies can be helpful to maintain the vision health or eyesight, also to improve defective eyesight with eye exercises and massages.

Home remedies for Eye

You can get or maintain healthy eye vision using some simple home remedies, such as:

  1. Maintain healthy liver
  2. Also, practice distance seeing
  3. Don't strain your eye more by doing much close work
  4. Expose your eyes to rising or setting Sun
  5. Have foods that are good to your eye
  6. Avoid foods that are harmful to your eye
  7. Do some eye exercise & massage regularly

Good eye vision needs healthy Liver

The good healthy eye can bear everything; blinding light, cold, and wind without crying.

Herbal doctors report that the eyes operate in close connection with the liver. A poor-functioning liver causes the eye to ache and create dark circles around them that do not bear the light very well. 

Blink much (more than 3 times a minute) is a sign of organic weakness, especially of the liver.

Eating many sweets, fats, animal foods and alcohol make the eyes tired and weak. Excessive sexual activity can cause dark circles around the eyes. Excess liquid intake causes kidney waterlogging, edema, weakness, lower-back pain, frequent eye blinking, and puffy bags under the eyes.

Healthy liver leads to the powerful eye!

The liver sends energy, nerve impulses, and blood to the eyes. Therefore, a clean bloodstream and a healthy functioning liver help to heal and strengthen the eyes. However, if the colon and liver are toxic and blocked with wastes, the blood becomes impure, health declines, and eyes will become weak, drab, with heavy dark circles around them.

Daily healthy vision habits

Practice Distance seeing; more than 20 away.

Design of the human eye was not for extended use in close work (reading, computers, factory work, sewing, etc.). Gazing into the distance is the natural position of the eye (20 or more feet away). Eye muscles RELAX when distance seeing.

Tests on thousands of people over the years have proven beyond doubt that in most cases, weak vision is causing by strain on the eye muscles. Eyestrain causes tense eye-muscles; muscles connected to the eyeball, eventually distort the shape of the eye. Myopia or nearsightedness means that the eyeball is elongated, and farsightedness hypermetropia) and presbyopia (old age sight) means that the eyeball is flattened.

No Close Work during and after Meals.

Close work draws blood to the eyes, instead of being useful for digestion, thus causing lack of nutrients to the eyes, weak eye muscles, and cloudy vision.

Avoid reading while tired or sick!

Weak bodily energy weakens the entire system, especially the Liver, which is directly connecting to the eyes via the acupuncture meridians. Reading during illness or fatigue weakens the focusing eye muscles.

Don’t read more than 30 minutes at a stretch.

Thirty minutes is about maximum time the eyes can handle without strain or fatigue. Distance viewing and palming is best for relaxing the strained eye muscles.

Eye Bath; Invigorating Lemon Juice 

Herbal doctors recommended a Lemon Juice Eye Bath. "Put three or four drops of lemon juice in an eye cup with purified water and wash the eyes with it daily for about 20-30 seconds with each eye" - it is invigorating and strengthening. In addition, strict seven-day elimination (vegetable and fruit) diet, once a month.

Sunshine is food for the Eyes!

It can nourish and heal by its warm radiating energy. Go to outdoors in the sunlight every day; walk when you can, work in the garden, read a book, gaze into the distance, enjoy sports. Whatever you enjoy, do more of it in the life-giving sun and fresh air.

Eye exercise strengthen the vision.

If your vision is 20-50 or less may take few weeks to months to bring your vision back to normal (20-20). If you have 20-70 to 20-100 vision, it may take several months to a year. If you have 20-200 or worse, it may take a few years. It all depends on your understanding, dedication, and consistent practice of these special eye-training techniques. No matter how long it takes, but the goal is to natural visual fitness.

Beneficial eye food

  1. Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds are a supreme food for the eyes. They contain Vitamin B-2, which helps to prevent and overcome photophobia (fear of light). They are also high in Vitamin D. the sunshine vitamin. The sunflower seed plant turns its head to the Sun, thereby absorbing the glorious life-giving Solar Orb. Eat a tablespoon of sunflowers daily in your cereal or soaked overnight and notice how you can easily take sunlight or headlight glare.
  2. Parsley contains Vitamin B-2, which helps to improve day vision.
  3. Carrots or carrot juice works wonders for night vision. Carrots are high in vitamin A. The body does not require a high intake of Vitamin A daily, because it is stored in the liver for future use. Therefore, a 6-ounce glass of carrot juice or five carrots a week is enough to give you plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin A for sparkling clear vision.
  4. Licorice root is an excellent herb to reduce inflammation and to improve vision. Use no more than a 1 /4 teaspoon of licorice powder with water daily. Alternatively, chew on a small piece of a licorice stick. Take licorice as a preventative measure after age 35, as many people tend to get problems with their vision around that age." Licorice is to increase one's memory and mental clarity.

Harmful eye food

  1. White-Sugar is clearly the deadliest food for your eyesight! This also includes raw brown sugar, which is just white sugar with molasses added for coloring. Do not be fooled by this gimmick. Sugar robs all the bones and teeth of calcium and the all-important B vitamins; it destroys the pancreas; it uses up the insulin and causes diabetes, obesity, heart disease, skin diseases, weak memory, kidney & liver disorders, and poor eyesight.
  2. Excessive salt consumption leads to hardening arteries, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. Hardened arteries cause poor circulation to the eyes and weak vision. Excess salt congests the kidneys & eventually creates edema (waterlogged body). Use kelp or powdered vegetable seasoning instead of salt.
  3. White flour, when mixed with the digestive juices, becomes a paste, like 'Plaster of Paris. We become glued-up inside. Literally, blocked-up or constipated from these "refined foods."

Many people walk around with 15 to 20 pounds of dried-up fecal matter pasted up against their colon walls. Not a happy camper, you see these types of angry people driving down the road giving out "middle-finger hand signals" to other 'slow' motorists!

Ayurvedic Health Science from India teaches that constipation must overcome in order to improve the eyesight. Constipation is a direct cause of blurred, dim vision, and many major diseases.

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