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Eye Palming

Eye Palming

Eye palming is a very simple eye exercise but is very effective for relaxing your mind & eyes.

Eye palming - mental stress & eye relaxation

Owing to the importance of eyes & stressful life, there should be some way out to maintain/improve eye health with an additional benefit of relaxation. 

Indian Yogis & Chinese Taoists practiced eye palmed for thousands of years. It is very much beneficial for eye relaxation; relax eyestrain, eye fatigue, and mental stress. It is particularly good for those, who spend most of their time in front of Computers (Computer Professionals) or to those who strain their eye all the time. Additionally, it provides mental relaxation.

This page contains different eye palming techniques they are:

  1. Eye Palming Soothes and Rests the Eyes
  2. Secret 'Black Globe' Palming Technique
  3. Yoga Fetal Palming
  4. Squatting Position Palming
  5. Sit Down Palming

The ancient Indian Yogis and Chinese Taoists practiced eye-palming techniques for thousands of years. They "palmed" their eyes as a form of meditation or inner visualization and relaxation.

"Palming" is performing by gently 'cupping' both palms over the eyes, blocking out as much light as possible, and palm for five minutes daily.

The Masters say that too much outward gazing at all the 'exciting', bright and fast-moving things in the world upsets the inner balance of our 'spiritual third eye. The physical eyes and brain become clouded confused and agitated, like a muddy stream.

Palming calms the mind, emotions, spirit, and body. The inner and outer eyes take on the qualities of a clear, tranquil, peaceful pool of water. When the mind and emotions are tranquil, vision focuses on the outer world with clarity and insight.

Palming is one of the most important methods for relaxing eye muscles and eye nerves. Palming helps to calm the mind and improve color clarity. It is very helpful for many degenerative eye conditions when performed regularly.

Eye Palming Soothes, Relax the Eyes and mind

All you have to do is gently rub your hands, cover your eyes with cupping hands by placing the fingers on the forehead and visualize complete darkness. 

Palming is practiced and taught by many Visual Training Teachers throughout the world, i.e., in the United States, Germany, the Yogis of India, Chinese Taoists, Tibetan monks, Naturopaths, and Holistic Doctors.

This superior technique can bring about a complete transformation and restoration of the eyes. When learning how to palm correctly, everyone will be inspired to palm daily, because it relaxes the eyes, the body, and the mind. 

When first start palming, one may see the color gray, a white light or other colors while performing palming; this indicates eye strain. As you continue practicing, however, you will be able to see only black darkness. 

Total 'blackness' while palming means that the mind is relaxed & calm, and the eyes can heal & regenerate quickly.

"Let Go" Mentally While Palming - While palming, let go mentally, because the eyes cannot completely relax when the mind or body is full of stress and tension. The brain is like a camera-we see through the brain. 

Eye gets strain while palming, if the brain is in "tension," thinking about the problems, the same as with them open. It is necessary to relax the "brain-stuff" (thoughts) while palming. Then there will be improved eyesight. 

For complete relaxation, breathe slowly, evenly and naturally. Give the problems to the Universe or Higher Power. Let allow the mind to dwell on something beautiful-a blue ocean, sandy beach, sunset, mountains, a loving face, etc. 

Complete relaxation leads to complete healing. This is the goal! 

Avoid strain or negative thoughts while palming. Shut out all light and think of a black box lined with black velvet. When the inner mind can see, visualize, and remember black while palming, the vision will improve.

'Black Globe' Palming for eye & mental relax

The real inner secret behind perfect eyesight is to relax the eyes, body, brain, and mind completely! 

Complete relaxation means complete healing of body, mind, and vision. To do this, one must be able to visualize complete black space while palming with the eyes closed. 

While palming, have to picture a background as black as it can imagine a ‘round’ very black ‘Globe’ picture against that background. Let go of the background and let concentrate on the Black Globe, and then imagine it spreads out until it becomes the background itself.

Try to picture a still blacker globe on the new background and so on, until getting a background so black that nothing blacker can be imagined. 

Perfect blackness equals perfect relaxation, and perfect relaxation equals perfect vision.

Ten to fifteen minutes of "seeing black" while palming will prove to what a marvelous relaxation technique this is. Some people have reported eyestrain relieved in only a few palming sessions. After ‘seeing black,’ he/she will be able to see much more clearly and strongly-at either the close point or far point. 

To see the fullest degree of "blackness,” first look at a perfectly black object, i.e., black car, black cat/dog, black velvet, etc., and then (while palming to try to remember that blackness).

Yoga Fetal Palming - relax, heals the mind and eye

The Yogis of India discovered that performing palming in the Fetal Kneeling Position or Fetal Squatting Position is more relaxing and healing than in the upright sitting position. However, all three palming positions are beneficial and can perform at any time. 

Always finish the eye exercise routine with palming. Palming in the kneeling or squatting position is an excellent method of complete eye, mind, and body relaxation. It greatly enhances fresh blood circulation and nerve flow to the eyes.

How to do: Kneel in the fetal position (on knees and body bent forward with the face down); bring the head to the floor in front of knees, with "cupped" palms over eyes). Rest on the heel of the palms on the cheekbones, fingers crossed over the forehead. Be sure the palms do not touch the eyeballs; keep out as much light as possible.

Squatting Position Palming - relaxation for eye and mind

Squat down with your feet 8 to 10 inches apart. Place arms over the knees and cup palms over eyes. Relax in this position with palms covering eyes. In the East people squat in this position to have babies, eat and eliminate. It is a natural position and very conducive to relaxation, meditation and palming.

Sit Down Palming Technique

Place palms over the eyes, elbows on the table, with back and neck straight. You can use a small pillow under the elbows if need; this helps to relax the arms. Use this method at work if unable to perform the Fetal Floor Palming Technique. (Would not want to catches on the floor when the boss walks in)! Both palming techniques will work. Just "do it" and "see" the vision improves. Happy Palming

Important Eye Improvement

Palm correctly means to see "perfect blackness." The blacker while palming, the faster eyesight improvement will be. Perfect blackness equals perfect eyesight. Perfect blackness indicates that the visual nerve senses are relaxed and are functioning correctly.

If seeing gray or various colors while palming, it indicates that the vision is unclear and blurry. Palming while visualizing "black" helps to darken the palm area.

Key to See Perfect Blackness

Perfect blackness that is recalled and perceives indicates that the mind is perfectly relaxing.

When cultivating the power to "remember and visualize black,” then the brain & mind rests and relaxes instantaneously, thus the vision strengthens tremendously.

The mastery in remembering to see black go beyond relaxation. It enables to see the letters 'much blacker' on a page, thus making them sharper and easier to read. Practice a few minutes each day and will see marked improvement.

The subconscious memory of "perfect blackness,” carried in the mind when the eyes are open, will give a high degree of mental and visual clarity and strength. Consequently, the vision can improve immediately, if the memory and the mental image of "perfect blackness" are visualizing and retain.

The natural eye training specialists state that many cases of imperfect eyesight-nearsightedness, farsightedness, aging vision-have been cured by the simple practice of "seeing black" while palming, over a period of time.

Eye palming benefits 

What are the benefits of eye palming? Below is the list of benefits of just a few minutes of eye palming.

  1. Palming calms the visual system; relieve tired, strained or bleary eyes
  2. Improves eyesight 
  3. Provide mental relaxation
  4. promotes visualization 
  5. Better memory and creativity
  6. Feel energetic
  7. Restful sleep
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