Retinal Detachment Symptoms

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Retinal detachment is painless and always has visual symptoms appear before it develops into retinal detachment.

Warning symptoms of Retinal detachment

  • Shadow or black curtain in front of the visual field
  • Appearance of floaters; small bits of debris, dark spots, or string in the vision field
  • Sudden blurry vision
  • Sudden light flashes in one or both eyes
  • Cloudy vision as blood vessels bleeds

Immediate medical care is advisable if suddenly increase in floaters or light flashes in the visual field.
Many people do not realize the danger of the retinal detachment warning signs and hope that the symptoms will be disappeared. Sometimes retinal detachment symptoms weaken temporarily; it does not mean the problem is recovering. However, it means to follow by a vision loss in the next few days or weeks. Surgeries performed at an advanced stage of retinal detachment may have increased chances for failure, and the vision loss becomes permanent.

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