Low BP risk factors & side effects

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Hypotension can happen to anyone, though certain factors increase the chances of having low BP called as low blood pressure risk factors.

Hypotension Risk Factors

Low blood pressure risk factors

Low blood pressure risk factors are certain factor that can increase the chances to get low blood pressure.

Age: Drops in blood pressure on standing or after eating occur primarily in older adults. Orthostatic hypotension happens after standing up, while postprandial hypotension happens after eating a meal. Neurally mediated hypotension happens because of a miscommunication between the brain and heart. It primarily affects children and younger adults.

Certain Medications: People who take certain medications, such as high-pressure medication, have a greater risk of low BP.

Certain Health conditions: Parkinson's disease and some heart conditions put you at a greater risk of developing low BP.

Low blood pressure side effects and its problems

Even moderate forms of low BP can cause some side effects not only dizziness and weakness, but also fainting and a risk of injury from falls. In addition, severely low BP from any cause can deprive the body of enough oxygen to carry out its normal functions, leading to damage to the heart and brain.

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