Pregnancy Care

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Thinking about having a baby and already have high blood pressure, Plan ahead is always advisable and discuss with the doctor in advance.

Taking necessary steps to control the blood pressure before & during pregnancy and regular prenatal care can help to ensure the well-being of both the mother and the baby.

Pregnancy hypertension care

Hypertension care before pregnancy

  • Strive to control blood pressure at or near normal. Follow lifestyle guidelines for hypertension can bring amazing results.
  • If in hypertension medication, discuss with the doctor, whether need to change the type, dosage, or stop taking medication. Experts currently advised to avoid ACE inhibitors and Angiotensin II receptor antagonists during pregnancy. Do not stop or change the medication without the opinion of the doctor.

Hypertension care during pregnancy

  • Have regular prenatal medical care.
  • Stop taking alcohol and tobacco.
  • Follow lifestyle guidelines for hypertension.

Blood pressure after giving birth

Hypertension during pregnancy or preeclampsia does not in general increase a risk of developing chronic hypertension or other heart-related problems. In addition, women with normal blood pressure, who develop preeclampsia after the 20th week of their first pregnancy, usually their high blood pressure goes away within about 6 weeks after delivery.

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