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  1. Angiotensin Receptor Blocker

    ... these receptors, thus blood vessels stays open and blood pressure drops. Commonly prescribed ARBs on the market, include: ... blocker (ARB) are the drugs of choice for patients with hypertension, heart failure, chronic kidney failure, heart attack (myocardial ...

    Thiruvelan - 13 May 2017

  2. Calcium Channel Blockers

    ... relaxes blood vessels, reduce heart rate, and lower blood pressure.  Calcium channel blockers medications The British Hypertension Society recommended first-line therapy in patients over 55 should ...

    Thiruvelan - 13 May 2017

  3. Health Calculators

    ... health conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, eye problems and sleep disorders. Below are the some health ... Calorie Calculator Insulin Dose Calculator Hypertension Risk   ...

    Thiruvelan - 16 Aug 2013

  4. Central Adrenergics

    ... Centrally-Acting Alpha Adrenergic lowers blood pressure by decreasing certain chemicals in the blood to relax blood vessels, ... may rise quickly to dangerously high levels (rebound hypertension). What are the warning signs of centrally-acting alpha ...

    Thiruvelan - 13 May 2017

  5. Diabetes Alcohol

    ... problem that alcohol can make worse, such as nerve damage or hypertension, otherwise no problem. Can people with diabetes drink alcohol? ... can make worse, such as diabetic nerve damage or high blood pressure? Do you know how drinking alcohol can affect your diabetes? ...

    Thiruvelan - 18 Apr 2013

  6. Adho Mukha Svanasana

    ... Avoid doing this asana if you are suffering from high blood pressure, Carpel tunnel syndrome, detached retina, weak eye capillaries, ... or diarrhea. If you do this yoga to normalize your blood pressure, then you first lower your blood pressure into a normal range with ... pressure in the normal range. Slowly you can reduce your hypertension medicine. ...

    Thiruvelan - 31 May 2017

  7. Sarvangasana

    ... as it reverses the blood flow. People suffering from blood pressure, glaucoma, hernias, cardiovascular disease, cervical spondylitis, ... or Sarvangasana, instead start with Halasana. People with hypertension should not attempt Sarvangasana unless they do Halasana first and ...

    Thiruvelan - 25 Jun 2013

  8. Cholesterol Herbal Remedies

    ... Arjuna improves cardiac functioning and regulates blood pressure. It improves circulation of blood to the heart and tones the heart.  ... the blood. It is a mild diuretic so that it can help lower hypertension. Arjuna lessens the ability of the blood to clot so that it can ...

    Thiruvelan - 09 Feb 2017

  9. Ayurveda Rakta dhatu

    ... due to VATA causes – Anemia, abnormal pulse, low blood pressure, dizziness, vertigo, cardiac arrhythmia, and gout. Blood vitiation by ... to KAPHA causes – high cholesterol, high triglycerides, hypertension, and hyperglycemia (diabetes). Blood vitiation by Kapha is ...

    Thiruvelan - 09 Jan 2017

  10. Heart Failure Treatments

    ... failure, such as coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, or diabetes. Relieve the symptoms Prevent the heart ... to a fluid buildup. ACE inhibitors help to lower blood pressure and reduce the heart’s load, thus reduce the risk of a heart attack. ...

    Thiruvelan - 07 Jan 2012