Insomnia Risk

Insomnia is a common disorder that is one in three adults have insomnia sometimes, and 1 in 10 adults have chronic insomnia.

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Insomnia affects women more often than men. The condition can occur at any age. However, why older adults are more likely to get insomnia than a younger one? They are having more chances of having pain (due to physical deterioration), stress, and too much responsibility.

What are insomnia risks?

  • Have a lot of stressful life.
  • Depressed or who have another emotional distress, such as divorce or death of a spouse.
  • Have low incomes.
  • Work at night or have frequent major shift chances in their work hours.
  • Travel long distances with time changes.
  • Have certain medical conditions or sleep disorders that can disrupt sleep. For more information, see “Insomnia causes
  • Have an inactive lifestyle.
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