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Acupressure Techniques

To stimulate an acupoint properly, must apply gentle deep probing pressure. So apply pressure with a blunt surface: Fingertip, Knuckle and Pencil back or not the point.

Video on How do you do stimulate Acupressure points?

Acupressuring Procedure

Apply a gentle deep probing pressure on the precise acupoint, until that exact acupoint declares a twinge (a sharp, sudden physical, mental, or emotional pain). Twinge appears as a jolt, and after a moment becomes a numb or a tingling radiating from the point.

Once the precise acupoint is located, apply gentle pressure for 15 to 30 seconds, it should produce immediate relief. There may be a feeling of release of tension, sinus drainage, or perspiration, and belch or pass gas. After acupressure treatment, if the symptom for which the treatment is performing is increased, stop stimulating the acupoint.

Reinforcing an acupoint

A simply gentle pressing of a point, means reinforcing it, which increases energies in the areas that the point influences.

Reducing an acupoint

Reducing a point is not the opposite of reinforcing it, reducing can remove a blockage of energy. Reducing just turn a finger or any other blunt abject over that acupoint in counter clockwise direction. Energy accumulates there, which starts moving again after removing the blockage