Reflexology Guide

Reflexology treatment begins with gentle relaxation techniques followed by applying pressure to each of the reflex areas, close the eyes and relax.

How do you do reflexology guides?

Reflexology is a therapy that everybody can and should be able to get the benefit; here, we will guide you how to reap the maximum benefits from reflexology massage.

Do in a pleasant atmosphere - Pleasant surrounding may add some extra benefits and relaxation to the reflexology treatment. Therefore, during a reflexology session, it suggests to:

  • Play a gentle relaxing music
  • Burn aroma oil/candle

This can help to add to the tranquil atmosphere.

Ease massage with lubricants - Reflexology massaging starts by applying a small amount of cream or powder to help the movement of the fingers and thumbs across the reflex areas on the feet. The pressure should be firm, but painless. Different reflexes spark varying sensations; some might feel like a sharp pin sticking into the foot. This different sensation indicates an imbalance.

How do you apply reflex massage? - It is a gentle pressure applied using the thumbs or fingers or any other object such as a gulf ball, on your feet or hand or ears. Just apply gentle pressure on the reflex area of the needed organ of interest to be treated, this gentle massage stimulates the organ and helps self-healing and normalizing its function.

Length of the reflexology treatment - A typical treatment will take 45-50 minutes, and it is generally suggesting to have 4-6 weekly treatments at the beginning, although reflexology is safe to have more frequently if required.
Treatments provided for children or anyone seriously ill may be shorter and more frequent. With all appointments, the practitioner will customize the treatment plan to meet the client’s needs.

What do expect from the first treatment? - During the first treatment, you cannot expect anything except relaxation. Often, it takes a couple of treatments to awaken the reflexes.

How often can one receive reflexology massage? The first session of reflexology treatment, extend even to an hour that includes an interview to assess your health conditions. Subsequent sessions usually need some half an hour depending on an individual's requirement. If you are interested in accelerated healing, or you are in a more stressful job, then more frequent and shorter sessions will advise. One to three times a week is more beneficial for most of the health conditions, once a month is enough for prevention and for general well being.

Are there any side effects of reflexology massage? - There are no known side-effect’s reports so far. Few individuals may report tiredness, weakness, sleepiness, frequent urination, etc. after their first session of treatment. These symptoms indicated that their body starts the removable from toxins from the body, and the body start is its self-healing process. In subsequent treatments, they feel fresh and energetic.

Self Reflexology treatment

For best results, apply reflexology massage to the targeted reflex areas consistently. This can do with self-reflexology massage with the guidance of the professional reflexologist.

You can yourself easily provide reflexology massage frequently and consistently, using self-applied massages to remove the stress patterns in your feet and hands. Apply pressure by using a foot roller for foot and a golf ball for the hands. You can do reflexology even while on your regular activities. For example, have a foot roller under your desk at work and practice to roll it with foot with some pressure, roll a golf ball on your hands while waiting for someone.

Reflexology treatment begins with gentle relaxation techniques followed by applying pressure to each of the reflex points, close the eyes and relax.

Reflexology Massage Treatment for diseases

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