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Diabetes Statistics Calculator

The diabetes population in year 2000 and projected population in the year 2030 have derived from world health organization’s data. The rankings of countries based on diabetes percentage have derived from the current world fact book.

Diabetes Statistic Calculator

This calculator will provide your (selected) country's diabetes statistic, the statistic designed by deriving data’s from the WHO and current world fact book.

You simply need to select your country and press "Get Statistic" button; you will get statistical data for your country.

The statistical data include,

  • Total number of diabetes population in the year 2000,
  • Percentage of diabetes population in the year 2010,
  • Percentage of diabetes death in the year 2010,
  • Your countries projected diabetes population in the year 2030.

You can clear the data by pressing "Clear" button and can continue viewing another country's diabetes statistics.

Diabetes Statistics Calculator