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Heart Disease Risk Calculator

Heart Disease Risk Calculator

This calculator is suitable for individuals from 30 to 74 years old and without evidence of any coronary heart disease at the baseline examination.

This 10-year risk prediction for Coronary Heart Disease is based on Wilson, D'Agostino, Levy et al. 'Prediction of Coronary Heart Disease using Risk Factor Categories', Circulation 1998.

Coronary Heart-Disease Risk Calculator

This calculator will determine your risk of developing coronary heart disease over the next 10 years and compare this to the risk of others of the same age.

For your 10 year coronary heart disease prediction, you have to select your:

  • your Gender; male or femal
  • your Age range,
  • are you diabetic; yes or no
  • whether you smoke; yes or no
  • your blood pressure range both diastolic and systolic
  • your LDL or Total cholesterol range
  • your HDL cholesterol range

Once you complete providing necessary information;, just click "Calculate". You are presented with very useful information:

  • points for every risk category,
  • assessment for every category such as very high, high, moderate, low, very low.
  • total points and your 10 year riks of heart disease.
  • Average risk is the average risk for heart disease at your age group.
  • Low risk which was calculated for a person of your age with optimal blood pressure, LDL cholesterol of 100-129mg/dl or total cholesterol of 160-199 mg/dl, HDL cholesterol of 45 mg/dl for men or 55 mg/dl for women, non-smoker and non-diabetic.


Risk FactorPointsRisk Level
Sex: Male Female  
Smoke: Yes   No
Diabetes: Yes   No
Blood Pressure:
Total or LDL Cholesterol
HDL Cholesterol
Total points: 
Your 10-year risk =  %(your heart disease risk)
Average 10-year risk =  %(for others in your age group)
Low 10-year risk =  %(for others in your age group)

The results provide by this calculator is for informational purposes only, and you should consult your physician to determine the medical implications of any tests you take.

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