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Hypertension Risk

Hypertension Risk

This risk calculator has been developed based on research data from various studies to estimate the risk for a non-hypertensive person to develop hypertension in the next four years. This calculator is for people over age 35 and below 90 years.

Hypertension risk calculator

To find your estimated risk; you need to provide your age, weight, height, systolic & diastolic blood pressure, whether an excess alcohol drinker, your parents have had hypertension, are you in diabetes medication, your fasting plasma glucose, have micro-albuminuria, have macro-albuminuria and press calculate your risk for your estimated risk for hypertension in the next four years.

Hypertension Risk for next four years
Systolic BP in mmHg 
Diastolic BP in mmHg 
Drinking more than 2 (male) or 1 (female) serving of alcohol per dayNo Yes 
Any parent have had hypertensionNo Yes 
Are you in diabetes medicationNo Yes 
Fasting plasma glucose in mg/dl
Have micro-albuminuriaNo Yes 
Have macro-albuminuriaNo Yes 
Your Estimated Risk:     


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