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Insulin Pump Calculator

Insulin Pump Calculator

This insulin pump calculator calculates everything for you when initiating your insulin pump therapy. Thereafter, you can modify these values, specifically to your body needs.

Insulin pump calculator

Insulin pump calculator calculates your total daily dose of insulin for insulin pump use, basal and bolus insulin requirement, insulin to carb ratio, insulin sensitivity factor, insulin to correct blood sugar, insulin to cover the carbohydrate in the meal and the mealtime bolus insulin.

Usually, if you decide to use an insulin pump, then you only require 75% of your actual TDD (total daily dose of insulin). 50% of the insulin is for basal rate, whilst the remaining 50% is divided into three pre-meal boluses.

How do you use this insulin calculator for insulin pump?

You need to enter your total daily dose of insulin (TDD) of insulin when you are on insulin shot. Once you enter the TDD, click "calculate" to get the TDD insulin requirements for the pump, basal and bolus insulin, initial basal rate setting for pump, insulin to carb ration, and insulin sensitivity factor.

Then you have to press "Next" button to calculate mealtime bolus insulin. In this screen, you have to enter your present blood-glucose level, your target glucose number, select unit of measurement, and grams of the carb in your meal. Press "calculate mealtime bolus" to get everything you need for insulin pump therapy. The results of the previous screen; additionally, you will get the insulin requirements to correct your blood glucose, insulin to cover the carbohydrate in your meal, and total mealtime bolus insulin.

Enjoy insulin pump therapy!

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