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Sleep Time Calculator

Sleep Time Calculator

Sleep help to restore your physical and mental health and it is essential for the healthy functioning of overall body system.

Once sleep was thought to be a passive state. However, now we understand that sleep is a dynamic process and our brains are active during sleep. During sleep, we undergo various stages of sleep; including REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

You may sometime experience tiredness, even after full eight hours of sleep. This is may be due to wake up at the middle of the sleep stage, particularly immediately from deep sleep. It is always better to wake up at the end of sleep cycle for a total restful sleep.

We design this sleep time calculator based on this idea and with an assumption, you get to sleep within 15 minutes.

You require to enter at what hour, minute, AM or PM and press sleep at to know at the best time to sleep to get restful sleep.

Sleep Time Calculator
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