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Holistic Cholesterol Acupressure

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Cholesterol Acupressure TCM

Many patients find acupressure holistic healing has decreased the severity of their cholesterol by normalizing qi flow and provide health improvement.

Acupressure holistic healing to reduce cholesterol

According to Chinese medical theory, there are four patterns of high cholesterol; they are:

  • Damp Phlegm lungs & spleen: It refers to the turbid or dirty aspect of body fluids, which collects in the vessels.
  • Blood Stasis: It refers to a pathology in which the blood flow through the vessels becomes slower or block due to various reasons.
  • Spleen (pancreas) and Stomach Deficiency: It refers to low operating level of these organs; so excess levels of damp and phlegm may generate in the system.
  • Liver and Kidney deficiency: It refers to low operating level of this organ system, generates excess heat, which solidifies or coagulates the body fluids, including dampness and phlegm.

The reader may take note that the above references pertain to Chinese medical principles and do not correlate to the allopathic medicine perspective.

If you find this difficult to decide based on the TCM diagnosis, then you can go for simplified accupressure treatment for cholesterol.

Damp phlegm Lungs & Spleen - cholesterol healing

Symptoms of damp phlegm lungs and spleen

It has a tendency to congeal into Phlegm. Health problems such as chronic or recurrent thrush, sinusitis, and bronchitis, to name a few are expressions of internal damp and/or phlegm. The spleen-pancreas is deficient; hence, the fluids have incorrectly transformed and transported. Tongue has a thick sticky white coat. Pulse is slippery or weak, floating & fine.

Acupressure Points for high cholesterol due to damp phlegm lungs and spleen.

  • LU 5 - resolve phlegm
  • LU 7 - restore descending function of the lungs, alleviate cough
  • LU 1 - Lungs Mu, clear excess, asthma, resolve phlegm
  • ST 40 - resolve phlegm
  • CV 17 - restore descending function of the lungs
  • UB 13 - Lungs Shu
  • If chronic, tonify Spleen - UB 20, Spleen Shu

Blood Stasis - cholesterol healing

Symptoms of blood stasis

  • There is a darkening of complexion, tongue, nails, etc. This can be from subtle to pronounce. The tongue is purple or bluish-purple in the case of Cold, or reddish-purple in the case of Heat.
  • Blood Stasis is associated with pain, which stays in one location and is boring (in contrast to Qi Stagnation pain, which tends to move).
  • Liver is the most likely organ effects by blood stasis though the Heart, Lungs, Stomach, Intestines, and Uterus frequently are affected.
  • Menstrual dark blood clots some tumors or other growths recurring hemorrhages are all may be due to blood stasis preventing proper blood flow.

Acupressure points for high cholesterol due to blood stasis.

  • BL 17 - Improves Blood and chi circulation,
  • SP 6 - control and regulate appetite,
  • ST 36 - tonify st/sp qi,
  • SP 10 - profound effect on blood disorders,
  • UB 40 - eliminates blood stasis,
  • UB 17 - useful to build and nourish the blood

Spleen/Stomach deficiency - cholesterol healing

Spleen/stomach is the main source of the life sustaining postnatal energy. Healthy spleen indicates an optimal absorption and distribution of essence (vital energy). Thus, entire body will get the nutrients and so whole-body nourishes.

Although it is primarily the lung, which governs bodily qi, and the heart, which governs blood, the spleen is the physical center, which is the source of both the body's qi and blood. Both vital substances are from the transformations of food essence.

Symptoms of spleen/stomach deficiency

Fatigue, loose stool, poor appetite, dizziness, pale face, weak voice (reluctance to speak), and sweating with little/no exertion.

Acupressure points for high cholesterol due to spleen/stomach deficiency.

  • SP 4 - Fatigue, nausea, indigestion,
  • ST 36 - tonify st/sp qi,
  • CV 12 - tonify st/sp qi,
  • UB 20 - sp shu,
  • UB 21 – is “st shu.”

Kidney and Liver deficiency - cholesterol healing

General weakness and malnourishment of the Kidneys & Liver, an irregular sex life may be the origin of this pattern.

Symptoms of kidney liver deficiency

Absence of menstruation for a significant period of time, a thin body, dizziness, heart palpitations, back & knee soreness, insomnia sleeplessness, sleep disturbance by dreams, chest congestion, anxiety, hot flashes, excessive perspiration, red tongue & body, absence of tongue coating (or cracks on the tongue), and a wiry-rapid-thin pulse.

Acupressure points for high cholesterol due to kidney liver deficiency.

  • KD 3 - tonify KD Qi, Yin or Yang from any etiology
  • KD 4 - chronic KD deficient low back pain, local for heel/ankle
  • KD 10 - tonify Liver
  • UB 52 - tonify Kidney, effect willpower
  • LV 3 - Shu stream; LV Qi Stagnation & Tonify LV Yin; LV Yang rising

Is Acupressure safe?

Acupressure is generally safe; there are no publications about any serious complications, despite millions of treatments every year. Self-administered acupressure is also safer after proper training. Vigorous acupressure may cause bruising in sensitive individuals.

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