fbpx High Cholesterol Symptoms: 9 Unknown Symptoms of High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol Symptoms

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Symptoms of High Cholesterol

What are the symptoms of high cholesterol? Why do high cholesterol symptoms develop? Learning cholesterol signs help prevent complication.

As per the modern medicine, there are no symptoms for high cholesterol. Yet, Traditional Chinese Medicine defines certain traits for increased level of cholesterol.

High cholesterol is prevalence among those who have a family history of high cholesterol. Additionally, high cholesterol may be due to eating excess carbohydrates, and calories.

We shortlisted these high cholesterol symptoms after visiting health forum and questioning cholesterol patients.

9 Unknown High Cholesterol Symptoms!

  1. Loose stools
  2. Chronic poor appetite or lack of appetite
  3. Tiredness or fatigue
  4. Poor memory, depression, excessive emotions and or drop in memory
  5. Excess weight gain (sensation of body heaviness)
  6. Masses in the body, such as bumps, and moles
  7. Chest and stomach distension
  8. Aching pain (felt at particular parts; an example headache or knee/back pain)
  9. Heart pain/palpitations

Have few high cholesterol risk factor and symptoms, then you need high cholesterol diagnosis.

Why high cholesterol symptoms develop?

What is lipid homeostasis? Human lipid homeostasis is a stable & balanced fat metabolism in the body.

To maintain healthy cholesterol range, your body needs to carry out more complex interactions. Any disturbance to this homeostasis leads to various high cholesterol symptoms.

Why high cholesterol patients have loose stool?

Fat metabolism problems are due to digestion, absorption, and or stool consistency disturbance.

Why high cholesterol patients have lack of appetite?

Improper food digestion stays longer in the intestinal tract. This delay makes you feel fullness and lack of appetite.

Why high cholesterol patients have tiredness or fatigue?

Chronic improper digestion absorption causes low energy. Due to lack of needed energy, high cholesterol individuals experiencing tiredness or fatigue.

Why high cholesterol patients develop memory-drop, depression or emotions?

The brain contains 25% of the total cholesterol in the body. The brain contains more cholesterol than any other organ. Clinical study shows cholesterol metabolism defect linked with Alzheimer’s disease & other neurodegenerative conditions. Study shows depression, memory loss & emotions linked with high LDL-C or low HDL-C.

Why high-cholesterol patients have lumps (bumps & moles) in the body?

Improper fat metabolism leads to the formation of fatty moles or deposits called lipomas. This lipoma develops between the muscle and skin. They can develop at any age (mostly late 30s and 40s). Usually develops in the abdominal region, neck, legs and arms. Some with high cholesterol may develop moles in different parts of the body.

Why high cholesterol patients gain excessive weight?

Improper fat metabolism leads to unusual lipid storage mostly in the abdominal region. Thus, people with high cholesterol gains excess weight.

Why high cholesterol patients experience chest or stomach distension?

Improper digestion causes excess gas in the intestinal tract. This excess gas leads to chest and stomach distension.

Why high cholesterol patients experience pains (headache, knee, or back)?

High cholesterol causes plaque. Plaque are not only in the heart but also arteries in the extremities. Plaque leads to low circulation and nutrient supply to the extremities causing aching pain.

Why high cholesterol patients experience heart pain or palpitations?

Even a minimal plaque formation in any parts of the body can lower blood flow and nutrient supply. The heart works hard to restore normal blood flow causing pain or palpitation.

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