Depression Causes

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 06/24/2010

Depression may develop because of stress of diabetes control, also may result from the metabolic effects of diabetes on the brain. Whatever the cause, it is certain that people with diabetes are at greater risk for depression.

Causes of diabetic depression

Being new diagnose with diabetes is itself a major life stress, because it requires:

  • large number of physical & mental accommodations,
  • have to learn about a complex system of dietary and medical interventions,
  • need to alter lifestyle at work and school,
  • fear or anxiety about a complication of diabetes such as hypoglycemia or ketoacidosis,
  • when facing diabetes complications such as nerve damage,
  • having trouble keeping blood-glucose levels target, feel losing control on diabetes,
  • even tension between you and your doctor may make you feel frustrated,
  • financial burden due to a costly healthcare requirement for diabetes

Other physical causes of depression

  • alcohol or drug abuse
  • thyroid problems
  • side effects from some medications

Depression can block good diabetes self-care. If you are depressed and have no energy, chances to avoid important tasks such as regular blood-glucose testing, and can make it difficult to care for your diabetes the right way. Of course, this will produce serious consequents by affecting glucose levels.

So what to do: the first step is to find if depressed, secondly getting help to overcome it.