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Diabetes Cure

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There is no known cure for diabetes until date, but stringent researches are going on to find a cure. So we can expect that happy moment of cure at any time: today, tomorrow or at least to the next generation.

Cure for Diabetes

Everyone should try to contribute to find a cure. How can you contribute? In my opinion, I think our brain is the most powerful in the world; whose power is still not known fully? Yes, I confidently hope if all of us jointly and strongly imagine a cure for diabetes, then it helps to happen at the earliest.

Therefore, I request you (all diabetics) to strongly image for a day with:

  • No more fingers prick many times a day.
  • No more, squeeze out of big blood drop.
  • No more medication/insulin shots as schedule
  • No more space allocation for diabetic-drugs in the refrigerator
  • No more pain of inserting a needle into the skin
  • Enjoy the meal without any restriction and free from any mathematical calculation.
  • Worry not for a blister on the foot and allow it to cure by its own.
  • No bigger purse into the restroom before/after a meal
  • No more monthly medical expenses as big as a car payment
  • No more depression on seeing blood sugar/glucose spikes.
  • Enjoy with family and friends without any concerned about what may happen when I am around them.
  • No more, worry for my family and friends regarding my mood, so they can happily be spending their time with me.
  • No more panic regarding low sugar/glucose (hypoglycemia) or high sugar/glucose (hyperglycemia).
  • No more worry regarding diabetes long-term complications such as neuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy, etc.
  • My beloved once are free from worry regarding my health, when I am away from them.
  • No more, frequent visit to hospitals, doctors, diabetes educators, and nurses. Free from their hard to follow advices.
  • Finally stop wondering why god is punishing me and/or no more scolding of god. In addition, start pricing the nature for gifted with a cure for diabetes.
  • Freely mingle with this wonderful world without any concern about the health.

I wish you all diabetics to become non-diabetic and enjoy this wonderful life without any worry as said previously.

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