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Is Diabetes Reversible?

Diagnose as diabetes is unfortunate! After that, he/she has to live with this condition to the rest of their lifetime. However, the good thing is by managing the blood-glucose level near normal the risk or complication of diabetes can lower or even eliminate it.

Diabetes type 1 requires any form of insulin therapy for the rest of their life. It is because of the damage to the pancreatic cells responsible for the production of insulin and is unable to produce insulin.

In diabetes type 2, hh blood-glucose level is due to the body cells that a become resistance to insulin (lose sensitivity to insulin) or low level of insulin secretion than the actual requirement. Most of the type 2 diabetes need medication, but often some keep their blood-glucose level near-normal just with proper diet and regular exercising.

The inherent nature of diabetes type 2 is that the body’s cells almost stop or limit its response to insulin in this glucose absorption role. Based on the many studies, it is understandable that a large amount of fats in the abdominal region around the organs may produce insulin resistance. Thus losing even a small amount of these fats seems to reduce the insulin resistance. However, of course, it is not always the case. Even after many studies, there is no clear answer why there is a massive variation from one patient to another. Some type 2 diabetes has the only slight high glucose level; on the other hand, some rather have more entirely out of control. Much research is underway experimenting with making sense for this considerable variation.
Exercise generally helps the muscle cells to absorb the glucose more effectively. Therefore, if you are pre-diabetes or borderline type 2 diabetic, then it might be possible to get back to something close to healthy blood glucose. You can achieve this with regular exercise, proper food, and by losing enough weight to reduce the fat in and around the abdominal organ.

If your diabetes is not very severe, then with proper diet and continuous exercise, it might be possible to get back to something close to normal. Still, the underlying diabetes condition remains. However, if you gain weight or stop exercising or stop eating right, then, high blood-glucose is likely to come back.

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