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Diabetic Coma Treatments

Treatment for a diabetic coma depends on the level of blood sugar, whether it is too high or low. If someone, whose glucose level is not low do not give them sugar.

Diabetes coma treatment

Diabetes coma treatment is always based on the diagnosis of the cause of diabetes coma, whether coma happens due to high or low blood-sugar level.

Diabetes coma management during High blood-sugar

If the blood-sugar level is too high, then need:

  • Intravenous fluids to restore water (hydrate)
  • Electrolytes such as Potassium, sodium or phosphate supplements to help the cells function correctly
  • Insulin to help the tissues absorb glucose and bring back normal blood-glucose level
  • Treatment for any underlying infections

Diabetes coma management during Low blood-sugar

If your blood-sugar level is too low, then need:

  • Glucagon injection, which helps to raise the blood-sugar level quickly

Diabetic coma is relieved and the consciousness returns when blood sugar brought back to normal level.

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