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Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

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Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Gestational diabetes symptoms are common to pregnancy symptoms too, so it is difficult to diagnose gestational diabetes based on symptoms.

Gestational diabetes symptoms

The three major gestational diabetes symptoms are Polyuria (frequent urination), Polydipsia (frequent thirst) & Polyphagia (increased appetite). 

A complete list of gestational diabetes symptoms are:

  1. Polyuria – urge to urinate frequently and in large quantities. Kidney tries flushing out excess glucose in the blood as urine. Thus, gestational diabetes women urinate frequently and/or in large quantities.
  2. Polydipsia – have frequent and increased thirst. Polyuria leads to liquid depletion causing dry mouth and throat. Kidney releases rennin-angiotensin that signal thirst. Thus, gestational diabetes is having frequent heavy thirst.
  3. Polyphagia – have frequent and increased appetite. The thirst mechanism in 40% of people has mistakenly recognized as hunger. In addition, when tired feeling signals for energy as hunger. This develops hunger.
  4. Feeling tired - Lack of glucose utilization, removal of vital minerals (flushing of glucose by the kidney) and dehydration leads to lack of energy thus gestational diabetic’s feel tired.
  5. Blurred vision - Increased blood-sugar level makes the eye lens and (or) corneal tissue to swell, results in vision problem (blurred vision).  With proper treatment, if the blood-sugar level returns to normal, blurred vision disappears.
  6. Dry itch skin - Dehydration and inadequate supply of nutrients to the skin make the skin itchy.
  7. Tingling in feet - Numbness or tingling sensation is generally the short supply of nutrients to the extremities. 
  8. Sores heal slowly - Healing takes longer due to low nutrient supply and inefficient immune system function.
  9. Sudden weight gain - because of frequent hunger, continuous dumping of food items and unnecessary fat storage leads to weight gain. 

All of these symptoms are common during pregnancy too, so it is difficult to diagnose gestational diabetes based on symptoms. 

The only way to diagnose gestational diabetes for sure is gestational diabetes screening tests.

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