Insulin Therapy

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Wed, 06/23/2010

Start your Insulin treatment by following procedure designed as per user’s experience and manufacturer’s suggestions for better diabetic care.

Insulin Administration Tips

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Choose the injection site – do not use the same area and always rotate the area for less pain and easy distribution of medicine (insulin). The main injecting sites are the abdomen, thighs, and back of the upper arms. The abdomen is most commonly used; it is easy to reach, and the insulin is best absorbed. Do not choose a site too close to moles or scars.
  3. Medicine temperature - always keep the usable medicine at room temperature, because injecting refrigerated medicine can be painful. Furthermore, insulin stay well for one month at room temperature without refrigeration, as long as the room temperature is under 86 deg F (32 deg C) .
  4. Clean injection site – may be with alcohol-dipped cotton and make it dry.
  5. Inspect the insulin - Rapid and short-acting insulin should look clear, but intermediate and long-acting insulin should look cloudy without clumps or crystals. If the insulin looks different from actual, it may be gotten spoiled to throw away or claim exchange.
  6. Mix well - Intermediate or long-acting insulin is cloudy nature, and it needs to be properly mixed by rolling between hand, but do not shake vigorously.
  7. Units required - Confirm your unit requirement, pull back the plunger to that number, just to draw air in it.
  8. Air fill Insulin bottle - Insulin bottle in upright position, insert the needle slightly just to put the measured air in the syringe.
  9. For mixed medicine user - repeat the step 8 for second medicine.
  10. Take out medicine - Needle still in the bottle turns the medicine bottle upside-down. Then pull out the plunger to measure our slightly higher medicine than actual need.
  11. Measure exact medicine without air - Tap the syringe side gently to make it rise to the top, push out the air and excess medicine, and measure out correct units.
  12. Double confirm the number of unit is correct.
  13. For mixed medicine user - repeat steps 10 to 12 for your second medicine.
  14. Hold the syringe similar to a pencil, look at the needle, and confirm correct angled position as per diabetes educator advice.
  15. Gently insert the needle under the skin. Slowly, and steadily, press the plunger with thumb until the insulin in completed.
  16. Pull out the empty syringe gently. Press the injection site for some seconds to prevent insulin leak out.
  17. Massage gently the injected site for better distribution and absorption of medicine.

The above details are only for syringe users, if you are, on other alternate system users visit the links: