Jet Injector

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Wed, 06/23/2010
Jet Injector

Jet injectors are useful to deliver a dose of insulin, but they do it without using a needle to make a tiny hole. Jet of insulin is a force through the skin with pressure.

Jet injector overview

Jet injectors that deliver insulin without needles have been around for years. Jet injectors, which release a tiny stream of insulin forced through the skin under high pressure, since the insulin is dispersed throughout the tissue, it absorbs more quickly.

Users of jet injectors often need to adjust their insulin dosage by a small amount to account for this effect. Manufacturers say that they have become easier to use, simpler, smaller, less painful, and more reliable.

Jet injector and needle-free insulin delivery

Jet injectors often claim that they are less painful than needles. Some even say they are pain free. The fact is that it depends upon the individual. People with little body fat or thin skin, such as kids, are likely to find jet injectors and needles equally painful (or pain free). People with some body fat, who inject into that area, will find that the jet injector is nearly painless.

The Gentle Jet is one jet injector specifically designed with kids in mind. In addition, each user must determine the proper injection pressure by trying out various settings. Bruises result from too-much pressure, while leakage results from too-little. Getting it just right is part of the training provided by the jet injector manufacturer and will be a bit uncomfortable. Various parts of the body may require different pressure settings.

However, they can sometimes cause bruising (an injury to biological tissue in which a damage to the capillaries, allowing blood to seep into the surrounding tissue). You will need to work with your health care team to ensure good blood-glucose control while you adjust to one of these devices. You will want to ask manufacturers about training on the use of a jet injector, as well as how to clean it and how to troubleshoot. If you are interested in the jet injectors, discuss their use with your health care team. Before buying, check to be sure that your insurance covers jet injectors.

Advantages of the jet injector

  • Jet injectors probably provide a precise amount of insulin than delivered via syringe.
  • It is easy to draw up a precise amount of insulin into a jet injector. Even some kids can learn to do it compared to traditional syringes.
  • There is no needle needed with jet injectors.
  • No needles, so there is no need to be afraid.

Disadvantage of the jet injector

  • Jet injectors are larger, thus harder to carry around.
  • Jet injectors are initially expensive, though there is no additional expense over time.
  • Sterilize the Jet injectors, usually weekly.