Prevent Kidney Disease

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 06/24/2010

Kidney disease can be prevented or stop progression by managing blood-glucose level and blood pressure in near normal range and follow a moderate protein diet.

Prevent/stop the progression of kidney disease

Kidney disease can be prevented or at least slow down by maintaining:

  • Blood pressure at normal by medication
  • Have moderate protein diet
  • Intensive blood-glucose management

Pressure Medicines help prevents/slow-down kidney disease

Drugs used to lower blood pressure can slow the progression of kidney disease. Two types of drugs, ACE inhibitors and ARBs (angiotensin receptor blockers), are proven effective in slowing down kidney disease. In addition to an ACE inhibitor or an ARB, you also may need another blood pressure medication for efficient blood pressure control.

ACE inhibitors, doctors commonly prescribe for treating kidney disease of diabetes. The benefits extend beyond its ability to lower blood pressure: it may directly protect the kidneys’ glomeruli. ACE inhibitors have lowered proteinuria and slowed deterioration even in people with diabetes who did not have high blood pressure.
It also shows that ARB can protect kidney function and lower the risk of cardiovascular events.

Moderate protein diets are good for kidney

It is harmful to consume excessive protein, if diabetics. For people with largely reduced kidney function, a diet containing reduced amounts of protein may be helpful in delaying the onset of kidney failure.

Intensive blood-glucose management for kidney health

Intensive management of diabetes is a treatment regimen that aims to keep glucose levels close to normal. This treatment regimen starts with frequent measurement and treating accordingly. Furthermore, follow healthy diabetes foods and be more active in your daily routines (or do regular exercise). Some people use an insulin pump to supply insulin throughout the day.

A number of studies shown that, there is a remarkable reduction to the risk for early kidney disease in people with improved blood-glucose control.

Important Kidney care tips

People with diabetes should be consistent in treating other conditions to maintain their kidney healthy.

  • Measure A1C level at least twice a year, test provides an average of blood-glucose level for the previous three months. Maintain A1C below 7 % for better effect.
  • Check blood pressure several times a year, aim to keep blood pressure at or less than 130/80 by taking an ACE inhibitor, ARB or other medications.
  • Measure eGFR at least once a year to know how well kidneys are working.
  • Measure protein in the urine, at least annually to check for any kidney disease
  • Consult registered dietitian, whether to reduce the amount of protein in diet and to help with meal planning.