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Prevent Diabetes after Gestational Diabetes

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After delivery, the blood-glucose level mostly returns to normal, still more chances for developing type 2 diabetes, so take the preventive measure.

Diabetes after delivery

Usually after childbirth, the blood-glucose levels return to normal in about 6 weeks. Because the placenta, which is responsible for extra hormonal production (that caused insulin resistance), is delivered. Check your blood-glucose level’s childbirth to make sure the blood-glucose level has returned to normal. Doctors may recommend an oral glucose tolerance test 6-8 weeks after delivery for measuring blood-glucose level.

What is the diabetic chance for a gestational diabetes mother?

Women who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy have a 60% more risk of developing type2 diabetes, later in their life. However, this can be preventable by maintaining an ideal body weight, a healthy food plan, and regular exercising.

Women who had gestational diabetes during one pregnancy have a 40%-50% chance of developing diabetes in their next pregnancy. So if you have gestational diabetes in previous pregnancy and now planning to get pregnant again, consult your doctor to make necessary lifestyle changes before your next pregnancy.

How do you prevent diabetes after gestational diabetes?

If you are gestational diabetes, then you have to do a lot to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

  • maintain normal weight - Even if you are above your ideal weight, losing 5 to 7 percentages of the body weight is enough to prevent the chance of getting diabetes. Try to reduce in step instead of trying to reduce over night.
  • be physically active in at least 30 minutes most of the days. Walk, swim, exercise, or dance.
  • food pyramid - healthy eating plan eats more grains, fruits, and vegetables. Cut down on fat and calories. Consult your dietitian he/she can help you design a meal plan.

Women who had gestational diabetes should undergo a test for diabetes or pre-diabetes once every year.

A1C goal to prevent type 2 diabetes

Keeping your A1C less than 6 will help ensure a healthy life.

Is there any problem to my eyes, because of gestational diabetes?


Generally, there is slight eye deterioration during pregnancy, specifically at the start and likely, there will be changes throughout the pregnancy. You should visit an ophthalmologist many times during pregnancy. There will be a continuous risk for the first year of post-delivery, thus until that time, you need to visit the ophthalmologist regularly.

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