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Preventing type 2 diabetes

Preventing type 2 diabetes

How do you prevent diabetes type 2? Most of the diabetes type 2 cases can be prevented by simple healthy lifestyle changes. Come on let us explore the possibilities.

How do you prevent diabetes type 2?

If you are having pre-diabetes or high risk towards diabetes, you can able to prevent the onset of diabetes type 2.

Research shows those who have diagnosed as pre-diabetes; out of them, 1 in 10 may have develop diabetes within the next year. However, a large study “Diabetes Prevention Program” has given as an encouraging result. The risk of developing diabetes in the next three years can be improved by up to 60 percentages, with proper diet and exercise.

You can prevent diabetes by:

  • Achieve and maintain a weight loss of 7 % with a proper diet and regular exercise. Reduce fat to less than 25 % of your total calorie intake can help you to lose weight. If your weight has not reduced, then reduce your calorie intake.
  • Maintain regular exercise at least 150 minutes a week with moderate intensity exercises such as walking or cycling.
  • Additionally, a diabetes medication metformin (for prediabetes) can reduce your risk of getting diabetes by up to 31 %.

The result shows those who have just diagnosed as prediabetes or those who are at increased risk for diabetes can avoid diabetes. It is possible to prevent diabetes by up to 60 % with consistent effort in diet and exercise.

Some experts believe your risk towards heart disease's increases when you are pre-diabetes and moving towards diabetes. If it is correct, then you must take the necessary steps to avoid diabetes as well as heart diseases.

Weight loss and diabetes risk

Studies show people at risk of developing diabetes can lower their risk. Losing 5 to 7% weight can reduce diabetes risk. You can achieve weight loss by a healthy diet and regular exercise. A study shows that 5 to 7 % weight loss can lower the chances of having diabetes by up to 60 %.

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