UTI Prevention

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 06/24/2010

Prevent UTI by just blocking the entry of bacteria, which can cause infection, do this by following some simple steps.

Tips for preventing UTI

There are some steps to reduce the risk for bladder infections and other UTIs, they are:

  • Avoid urethra irritating products (e.g., bubble bath, scented feminine products).
  • Clean the genital area before and after sexual intercourse.
  • Change soiled diapers in infants and toddlers promptly. Clean the area with mild soap water.
  • Drink plenty of water, which helps to remove bacteria from the urinary tract.
  • Do not frequently resist the urge to urinate. If having an urge to urinate do not hesitate to visit the bathroom.
  • Instead of bath, take to shower.
  • Urinate after sexual intercourse and clean the area with mild soap or detergent and water.
  • Women and girls should wipe from the front to back after voiding to prevent contamination of the urethra with bacteria from the anal area.
  • Stop smoking, nicotine can irritate the bladder.