UTI Types

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 06/24/2010

Urinary tract infections commonly develop first in the lower urinary tract. If not treated properly, they may progress to the upper urinary tract.

Types of urinary tract infections

There are three types of urinary tract infection, depends upon the area of the urinary system the bacteria attacks.

  • Cystitis - it is a most common UTI of a lower urinary tract infection (bladder infection).
  • Urethritis - it is an infection of the urethra, a lower urinary tract infection (urethra).
  • Pyelonephritis - A kidney infection (a serious condition) requires urgent treatment. It causes due to untreated lower urinary tract infection that progress to the upper urinary tract (ureter or kidney).

The most common type of UTI, the bladder infection (Cystitis), causes just discomfort and inconvenience. Bladder infections can be easily treated. In addition, it is important to get treatment properly to avoid the serious infection that reaches the kidneys.

Pyelonephritis can cause reduced kidney function and possibly even death in untreated, severe cases.