Women Sexual Dysfunction

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Thu, 06/24/2010
Long term of diabetes may cause sexual dysfunction in females. Most common among them are vaginal dryness, sexual-discomfort, and lack of desire or absent sexual response.

Female sexual dysfunction causes

  • Infections and irritation, chronic high blood sugars promote yeast infections and vaginal irritation.
  • Low blood flow, vascular damage caused by poorly controlled diabetes restricts the blood flow to the vagina, which causes dryness and interferes with arousal.
  • Nerve damage, women who have neuropathy to the genital area, the reproductive organs, or the vagina may have difficulty achieving orgasm.
  • Neurogenic bladder, women with nerve damage to the bladder may have incontinence problems that make sex difficult and/or embarrassing. It can also make urinary tract infections (UTIs) more common, which may make sex uncomfortable.

Common female sexual dysfunctions

Numerous diabetes women are experiencing sexual problems that may include:

  • vaginal dryness or decreased lubrication,
  • sexual intercourse with discomfort or painful
  • lack of desire for sexual activity
  • low or absent sexual response

Low/absents from sexual response can be the inability to attain or remain to arouse, lack or absent of sensation in the genital, and always or occasional inability to attain orgasm.

Causes of sexual problems in women with diabetes may be due to nerve damage, lack of blood supply to genital and vaginal tissues, and hormonal changes. Other causes may be due to some medications, alcohol, smoking, psychological problems of anxiety or depression, gynecologic infections, other conditions relating to pregnancy or menopause.

Consult doctors for treatment, the treatment may be after diagnosing the cause. They will prescribe over the counter vaginal lubricant for dryness. In most of the cases, psychological counseling may provide useful solution.