Colorblindness Symptoms

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Fri, 06/25/2010

Symptoms of color vision deficiency can vary from one person to be other.

Symptoms of mild color vision deficiency

  • Trouble distinguishing different colors and viewing brightness of color in a usual way
  • Inability to differentiate between different color shades of the same or similar colors

Mostly, the symptoms may be so mild that most of them do not know they are colorblind. A parent or teacher may find the signs of color blindness when a child is learning his or her colors.

Stages of color blindness

Stages of color blindness can classify into two major types; partial color blindness (mild cases of color blindness) and total color blindness. Color blindness symptoms are varying from person to person.

Types of color blindness

There are two types of color blindness; the most common type is the inability to differentiate between red and green colors, and the other uncommon type is the inability to differentiate between blue and yellow colors.

In case of partial color blindness (mild cases), the person may not be able to differentiate between the shades of red and green colors, or the blue and yellow colors and/or not able to see the color brightness as done by normal persons. However, in the case of total color blindness, the person may not be able to see any colors except black, white, and gray.