Colorblindness Test

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Fri, 06/25/2010

Colour-blind test mostly performed using ishihara plates with pictures of colored spots easily distinguished by normal person, but not by colorblind.

Ishihara Color Test

Most commonly, color blindness is testing by using Ishihara Color Test. Dr Shinobu Ishihara, professor in University of Tokyo, designed series of pictures of colored spots, which can use to diagnose red green color blindness. In the image below, they contain a series of Ishihara pictures. We have prepared a color blindness test using these Ishihara test plates’ tests yourself, or someone you love, might be color blind – or see it just for fun!

A numbers shape or image is embedding in the picture as a number of spots in a slightly different color, which can see with normal color vision. However, cannot by seen and distinguish the number (or shapes or image) embedded in the picture by persons with a particular color defect. The full test set has a variety of figures embedded in the color combinations, and enable diagnosis of which particular visual defect is present.

Ishihara color test contains only numerals; it becomes difficult to diagnose a young child, ho does not yet learn numbers. To identify color blindness early on in life, alternative color vision tests were design using only symbols (square, circle, & car) that are known to children.

Have a free Ishihara color blindness online test

This online color vision test consists of ishihara color plates with an embedded number. Take 3 seconds to identify the number on each of the plates. To know the actual hidden number, just click on the image to see the answer.

Ishihara colour test plate 1

Ishihara plate 1



Ishihara colour test plate 2


Ishihara plate 2



Ishihara colour test plate 3


Ishihara plate 3



Ishihara colour test plate 4


Ishihara plate 4



Ishihara colour test plate 5


Ishihara plate 5



Ishihara colour test plate 6


Ishihara plate 6



Ishihara colour test plate 7


Ishihara plate 7



Ishihara colour test plate 8


Ishihara plate 8



Ishihara colour test plate 9


Ishihara plate 9



Ishihara colour test plate 10


Ishihara plate 10



Ishihara colour test plate 11


Ishihara plate 11



Ishihara colour test plate 12


Ishihara plate 12



Ishihara colour test plate 13


Ishihara plate 13



Ishihara colour test plate 14


Ishihara plate 14



Ishihara colour test plate 15


Ishihara plate 15



If able to recognize the hidden numbers in the above 15 ishihara color-blindness plates, then congratulations, you are not colorblind. If not able to recognize some of the hidden numbers, then may be color blind go to doctor’s office to confirm. Read further to know how to lead a convenient life with color blindness.