Colorblindness Treatments

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Fri, 06/25/2010

Colour blindness treatment can be of many ways just to reduce the symptoms of color blindness. Best thing is to learn to live with color blindness.

Color blindness correction

There are many things that doctors can do to reduce the symptoms of color blindness. One is to use color filters such as a red-orange filter helps to interpret colors or to see contrasts. Red filters can absorb short and medium wavelengths of the light spectrum, leaving only the longer ones.

Another way to reduce color deficit symptoms is to use X-Chrom lenses. The X-chrom lens is a red contact lens, which is normally warning on the non-dominant eye of color deficient people that help to interpret colors or their contrasts. It has proven to help patients with the ishihara test, but has made it either harder for the color deficit patient to take other tests or the test results remain the same as without the lens. Therefore, X-Chrom lenses may help the patient with everyday hobbies but should not consider as having no color deficient.

Tips for people with color blindness

  • Label items that require color recognition.
  • Differentiate colors based on location (for example, traffic lights)
  • Maximize color contrast if possible.
  • Label coloring utensils (crayon, pen, pencil) with the color name.
  • Organizing and labeling clothing to avoid colors that clash with one another.
  • Specially tinted glasses can assist some individuals to tell the difference between certain colors. Although these glasses assist, they do not restore normal color vision.