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Dry Eye Causes

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Defects in the aqueous layer of tear film are the common causes of dry eye syndrome. This defect may be due to the following reasons.

Causes of dry eye’s syndrome

  • Age - dry eye is a part of the natural aging process. Majority of the people with an age over 65 years experiences have this condition.
  • Gender - women are more likely to develop dry eyes because of hormonal changes caused during pregnancy, the use of oral contraceptives, and menopause.
  • Medications - certain medicines such as antihistamines, decongestants, blood pressure medications and antidepressants, can limit the amount of tears produced in the eyes.
  • Medical conditions – such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid problems are more likely to develop dry eyes. Eyelid inflammation (blepharitis), eye surface inflammation, or in or out-ward turning of eyelids can cause dry eyes.
  • Environmental conditions - exposure to smoke, wind, and dry climates can increase to tear evaporation end up with a dry eye. Failure to blink regularly, such as when staring at a computer screen for long periods, can also contribute to the cause of dry eyes.
  • Other factors - long-term use of contact lenses can be a factor in the development of a dry eye. Refractive eye surgeries, such as LASIK, can cause decreased to tear production and dry eyes.
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