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Dry Eye Test

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Dry eye’s diagnosis test is by comprehensive eye examination, testing of the quantity and quality of tears that produce.

Diagnosis of a dry eye

  • Patient history - to determine any dry eye symptoms, presence of any general health problems, medications taken, or environmental factors that may be contributing to this problem.
  • External eye examination, which includes lid structure and blink dynamics.
  • Evaluation of eyelids and cornea is performing by a bright light and magnification lens.
  • Assess the tears for both the quantity and quality, to find any abnormalities in tear film. A special dye may instill in the eyes, which help to observe better tear flow, and to highlight any changes to the outer surface of the eye causes by insufficient tears.

Using the information obtained from testing, the optometrist can determine if the patient has dry eyes and advises treatment options based on the diagnosis test.

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