Chinese Eye Exercises

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Fri, 06/25/2010
Chinese Eye Exercises

Chinese Monks practice eye exercises for better eyesight, they are: 'Yang Eye' Candle Gazing, Whipping Eye Technique, Eye Trombone, Stretch Your Vision, Heal Liver, and Eyes with the Color of Green.

'Yang Eye' Candle Gazing Technique for beautiful eye

It is known to give one glowing magnetic eyes. The whites of the eyes become clear, full of luster, and shine with brightness.

How to do: Light a candle and sit in front of it at arm’s length and at eye level. Gaze steadily at it without blinking. Breathe naturally, and continue gazing for five minutes without moving the body. Try not to move the eyelids. Less movement brings more magnetic power and control into the eyes and nervous system. Keep the eyes open and allow the tears to flow down the cheeks; open the eyes wider as the tears flow down. For every minute, close the eyes for 10 or 15 seconds. Finish by closing the eyes and palming for two minutes to cool down the eyes.

Tracking Eye Technique

Tracking or Edging technique is the secret behind crystal sharp vision!

Tracking or Edging means seeing the outline of an object. It helps one to regain the natural ability to focus upon the macula. 

To improve the distant vision, 'Edge' or 'Trace' the eyes around a picture or a large letter on a sign that can see clearly. Edge or Track around a table 20 or 30 feet away. 

Practice edging, objects become sharp and clear to see. Each week pick out smaller and smaller letters until reading the smallest print easily. Remember to close the eyes for a few moments between Tracking or Edging.

Also, do by point the nose at an object that has chosen and move the tip of the nose along its edges. At first, move slowly around the object, seeing each part of the Edge. Later as one become proficient, he/she can speed up the Edging.

Close vision exercise (farsighted)

Accommodative "Whipping Eye Technique"

Whipping is one of the best eye exercises for strengthening the accommodative eye muscles to improve close vision.

How to perform the Whipping Eye Exercise: Cup the left palm over the left eye. Hold a card with a black letter on it that can easily see, at arm’s length in front of the eyes. Pull the card toward the right eye at a moderate speed within a few inches of the face. Next, quickly 'whip' the card suddenly back to arm's length. Repeat this movement several times. 

Then, use the left eye while the right eye is cupped with the right palm. Repeat several times. Next, practice 'whipping' with both eyes open at the same time. Repeat several times.

Perform two to three times a week. "Whipping" is an exercise that greatly helps presbyopia (middle-age sight), farsightedness, and any other close vision problems.


How to Perform the Tromboning Eye Exercise: Hold a 2 x 3 card with a small black letter that can easily see at arms' length. From arm’s length, 'slide' (move) the card three inches toward the right eye, and then move it back to arms' length. Next, 'slide' the card six inches toward the right eye, and then move it back out to arm’s length. Next 'slide' the cards nine inches toward the right eye, and then move it back out to arm’s length. Progress in this manner three inches at a time until the card is a couple inches away from the eye. Practice several times with the right eye. Next, perform 'Tromboning' with the left eye, then with both eyes together.

Move the card at a moderate easy speed. Relax and breathe easily. After practicing this exercise for a few weeks, vary the speed of the card-- moving the card more slowly, other times at a brisk speed. 

Whipping and Tromboning eventually awakens and strengthens the focusing muscles for the close point, to see the print sharp and clear.

Close Point Eye Sharpening Technique

Many people go through middle age with blurry vision at the close point. And this exercise, as well as the previous one is a positive step in doing something to strengthen and improve the close vision.

  • Hold "Eye Chart" in front of the eyes, from 12 to 20 inches, where it can be seen without strain. 
  • Trace a letter of the first paragraph with the eyes, for example, "V".
  • Close the eyes and trace and visualize the letter "V" in the mind.
  • Open the eyes look at the letter "V" and trace it again.
  • Close the eyes and trace letter "V" again, then open eyes while inhaling and exhaling a gentle deep breath, and look at the letter "V". 
  • Move the letter "V" in slowly towards the eyes while trying to see the letter as clearly as possible--when the letter starts to blur, stop the movement. 
  • Close the eyes for a few seconds. Open the eyes with a deep breath and move letter "V" away from the eyes, and notice the letter become clearer.
  • Place both palms over eyes for twenty seconds, while visualizing a black color.

Repeat Steps One through Eight with the first letter of all eleven paragraphs, for example, 'T" for paragraph #2. "R" from paragraph #3 and so forth. Or go down to the smallest paragraph that can see clearly. Practice this exercise at least 15 to 20 minutes, two or three times a week.

Distance vision exercise (nearsightedness)

"Stretch the Vision" is extremely valuable in extending the limits of the distant vision, especially for myopic vision (nearsightedness). 

Practice "Stretch the Vision" at least 15 to 30 minutes each session, two or three times a week.

  • Step 1: Stand straight and select one of the "letters" on the chart.
  • Step 2: Trace the chosen "letter in the mind, then close the eyes for a few seconds. Relax the hands, shoulders, eyes, legs, neck etc.
  • Step 3: Open the eyes and look at the letter again. Next, place both palms over eyes and "Palm" while visualizing the "letter" in the mind for 15 seconds.
  • Step 4: Open the eyes with a deep inhalation and exhalation of breath, noting the "letter" becoming blacker.
  • Step 5: While looking at the "letter", begin swaying slowly from side to side. While continue to sway, move sloooowly away from the chart, taking very short backward steps. Breathe naturally and allow the print to come in clearly. When reaching the point where the print becomes indistinct or unreadable, STOP! At this point, bend forward at the waist, continuing to sway, and again read the "letter". Now, resume the short backward steps. Again, even though lean far forward, when reaching the point at which the printed letters are no longer legible. When this occurs, straighten up, move close to the chart and repeat the exercise on the next smaller line, following the above instructions. Repeat each line until he/she reaches the bottom line of the chart. It is important to relax the entire body while performing this exercise. Mentally and physically feel the shoulders, neck, face, eye, arms and hands relax. Let go of the jaw muscles and let them drop. Let the eyes become soft and calm.

Heal Liver and Eyes with the Color of Green

In the Orient, the Taoist Masters teach us that "green" is associated with the liver and the eyes. 

Nature’s green colors such as trees, grass etc.and green vegetables, help to heal the liver and eyes. Gently visualize green trees, green grass, blue-green Ocean, and the eyes and mind become calmer, happier and more peaceful. Palming at any time when feeling the need to relax and let go--it refreshes the mind and rejuvenates the eyes.