Egyptian Eye Exercise

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Fri, 06/25/2010
Egyptian Eye Exercise

Egyptian eye exercises strengthen your eye muscles and thus useful to improve eye vision.

Egyptian eye exercise for eye vision correction

  1. Lazy Eight
  2. Egyptian black dots exercise
  3. Egyptian letter gazing exercise

Practicing these eye exercise techniques two or three times a week. Take 2 or 3-day rest between each eye session, depending on the energy level. 

The day after the first eye routine, the eye muscles may be sore; do not worry. The "soreness" will gradually leave. Soreness means that it has "worked-out" weak eye muscles lying dormant for many years. 

The rest period between each eye exercise session is also important. During periods of rest, the eyes and body heal and rebuild, imparting strength and health. Never wear glasses while performing eye exercises. If you are able to move around without glasses, then do so.

"Lazy Eight" Neck Loosening Exercise

Lazy eight exercises slowly and smoothly loosen the back of the neck, calms the nervous system, and enables to focus the eyes clearly.

It is a Pre-Eye Exercise Warm-Up Technique. Simply draw imaginary "eights" with the nose, while moving the head. Large "figure-eight" drawn with the nose helps to relax the larger muscles of the eyes, while tiny "figure eights" relax the smaller muscles of the eyes.

How to do: Draw figure eights with the nose; move the head slowly and smoothly. Vary the "figure eights" by drawing them vertically, then horizontally. Draw large ones and finally tiny "figure eights." Perform them in both directions - the right to left and left to right top to bottom and bottom to top. Spend at least three minutes on this exercise.

The Lazy Eight Neck Exercise is performing first in routine because it relaxes the neck muscles and allows fresh blood to flow to the eyes and brain. It prepares for the rest of the eye routine and ensures greater success in improving the vision. The eye exercises that follow, if practiced regularly and consistently, can help bring the vision back to 20-20 and beyond! Perform the eye exercises with joy and relaxation. Results will be forthcoming.

Egyptian Black Dot Technique

Egyptian black dot eye technique Part I

First prepare the Black Dot on a two-three white card. Draw a Black Dot about the size of a button on the card with black ink. Do not move the head; move the card - in and out. If you have trouble seeing close (farsightedness) does not perform this first part of the Black Dot Technique. Perform the second part only below. 

Hold the card in front of the eyes, move the card to the tip of the nose and gaze at the black dot for 30 seconds. You must see only one dot, if you see two dots, move the card away from the nose until only see one dot. 

After 30 seconds, moves the card straight out in front of the eyes, then rest and close the eyes for a few seconds. Raise the card up between eyebrows and gaze at the dot for 30 seconds. Move the card as close as possible to see only one dot. Then rest for a few seconds. 

Be sure that only see one dot; this means that both eyes are working together. Be persistent and consistent and the results are amazing. Remember to breathe gently, deeply and naturally.

Egyptian black dot eye technique Part II

While keeping the head straight, move the black dots to the right shoulder and gaze at it for 30 seconds. Then, move dots to the left shoulder and gazes at it for 30 seconds close eyes, and rest. 

Farsighted people can perform this shoulder-to-shoulder Black Dot Exercise with a great benefit. The Black Dot Techniques make the eye muscles focus in positions it does not normally focus in. This helps to reshape and balance the eyeball itself.

Egyptian Letter Gazing Technique

Egyptian letter gazing part I (Exercise for Close & Distant Vision)

Cut out three 1 /8" to 1 /4" thick letters from a newspaper or magazine and glue them on a 2 x 3 white card. 

Perform each exercise with one eye at a time, then both eyes together. Cover the eye with the palm is to keep open during the exercise. This enables both eyes to work together during the exercise. 

Start out with three repetitions in each direction. Every two to three weeks add one repetition, until reach six.

  • Hold the card twelve inches in front of the eyes. Concentrate on one of the letters, always focusing to see it clearly. Move the card above the eyes and below the chin, three times. Perform this one eye at a time and then both eyes together. Keep the head still move the eyes only.
  • Hold card twelve inches in front of the eyes. Move the card slowly from the right eye to the left eye-always keeping sight of the letter. Perform with one eye, then both eyes together, three times each.
  • Hold the letter in front of the face, and move the card in right and left diagonally. Perform three times each way. Again, perform one eye at a time, then both eyes together.
  • Move the card in large circles, at arm’s length. Perform three times each way, one eye at a time, then both together.
  • Hold the card about one foot in front of the head and move the card smoothly in a ten-inch diameter circle. Perform ten times clockwise and ten times counterclockwise. Perform with one eye at a time and both eyes together.

Important while doing Egyptian eye exercise: Breathe deeply and naturally and try not to blink. See the letter as clearly as possible without eyestrain. 

Egyptian Eye Techniques are superior exercises for reshaping the eyeballs and strengthening the eye muscles. They help to create eye muscle balance. 

You do not confuse this exercise with an ordinary eye exercise; there is no comparison! It helps to reshape the eye back to its normal position, so that light can focus on the retina properly for perfect eyesight. This technique coordinates the mind and eyes to work in perfect harmony. Persistence is the key to success in vision improvement.

Egyptian letter gazing Part II (Exercise for Close & Distant Vision)

Paste a black letter on a 2 by 3 cards and tape the cards to one end of a 12-inch ruler. These letters should be big enough to see easily at two feet. 

Hold the card at least two to three feet from the eyes. To improve the distant sight, must use the eyes to see beyond two feet to overcome myopia (nearsightedness). As the eyesight becomes clear at this distance, use smaller letters to help obtain further improvement.

To improve the close vision (farsightedness), simply perform the eye exercise holding the letters less than twelve inches from the eyes. Perform this "Advanced" exercise in the same sequence as did in the above Beginning Egyptian Letter Gazing Technique - Part I.