Eye Infection

Submitted by Thiruvelan on Fri, 06/25/2010

Eye infection is a pathological state of eye resulting from the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms, such as virus, bacteria, and fungus.

Infections of Eye

The eyes are frequently exposing to various pathogenic microorganisms. When the normal required defense (immune) mechanism of the eye fails to protect, may end up with eye infections. The source of the infection may be local that is from the eyelids or remote that is from the sinuses. Infection can also be the caused due to trauma, eye surgery, contact lens usage, or other diseases resulting in bacteria growth or viruses.

Cleaner Eye - Eye tears and eye lid

Normally eyes are protecting from dust and pathogens by flashing the eye surface with eye tears and gently washed it or wipe it with eye lips. This helps to remove dirt and pathogens that may affect the front surface of the eye and protects from eye infection.

Eye infections can affect any age group, but those who had eye-surgery or experienced an eye trauma are at higher risk for infection. Few eye infections are highly contagious, such as pink eye, those who were exposing to someone who had infected are at a much higher risk to develop infection.