Eggs: good or bad for my cholesterol?

Eggs are high in cholesterol, and a diet with egg can elevate blood cholesterol levels. However, the extent to which dietary egg raises blood cholesterol levels isn't yet clearer. Many scientists confirms that saturated & trans fats have a greater impact on rising blood cholesterol than dietary cholesterol.

American Heart Association adding to this confusion by their recently acknowledged that as long as you limit dietary cholesterol from other sources, it may be possible to include a egg daily in the diet, which was heavily reported in the media.

Facts: One large egg has about 213 milligrams of cholesterol, which is found in the yolk. If you are healthy, the recommended dietary cholesterol intake should be less than 300 mg a day. If having cardiovascular disease, diabetes or high level of LDL cholesterol, the recommended dietary cholesterol intake should be less than 200 mg a day. Therefore, if you eat an egg then it's important to avoid other sources of cholesterol for the rest of the day.
I’m totally confused, pls help me out!!!!

In the majority of the population, the cholesterol in the diet does not produce any impact in blood cholesterol level. Because cholesterol is produced in the liver regardless of whether or not the food you eat contains cholesterol. Saturated & trans fats can have greater impacts on dietary cholesterol, and compared with other foods, eggs are not as high source of saturated fats.

Skip Yellow part.It contains cholestrol. Egg in anyway very useful for our health. One in a day wont cause any harm. It is a great protien source. With daily excercise & a proper diet.. egg wud not affect at all.