Whether yogurt lower cholesterol?

Has anyone tried with good results in lowering their cholesterol? I’m stop taking statins because of having weird effects. Just now I start taking a small bottle of the yogurt drink every day, if someone has had any positive result from taking yogurt, how long did it take to produce result?

When I started using yogurt my cholestrol was 5.7 I had to stop after 8 weeks because of some personal reason. For the last 4 weeks before my follow up test I wasn't using them and my cholesterol level drops to 5.1. So I think it maybe helped and again start using it. I’m not sure if they work or not but it's worth a try.

Well, if yogurt doesn't work, you may opt for fruits and vegetables that are rich in carbohydrates also has vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene and antioxidants that helps prevents cholesterol deposit in the lining of our blood vessel. Hope this helps.

It has produced some result to my cholesterol level.
When on Simvastatin; Total Cholesterol 2.8, HDL 1.17, LDL 1.3, Triglycerides 0.8

After stoping Simvastatin; Total Cholesterol 5, HDL 1.25, LDL 3.26, Triglycerides 1.06

On Benecol (yogurt drink); Total Cholesterol 4.5, HDL 1.4, LDL 2.6, Triglycerides 0.7

When I stopped taking statins my LDL rises to 3.27. However it has down to 2.7 after using yogurt drink. I decided to stop taking Simvastatin on hearing about all the side effects and negative discussions in different forums.