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Does vegetarian gets high cholesterol?

I was just diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia and I'm a perfect vegetarian. Then how can that be?


Let me explain my cholesterol story, from my story you can easily understand how hypercholesterolemia can get into perfect vegetarian.

I am diagnosed as high cholesterol and it was very high (303) when I’m at low fat diet, eating cereals, high fiber bread, some fruit, protein and low fat ice cream.

I switched to fish, grass fed meats, lots of veggies, little bits of fruit, water, green tea, nuts and seeds. I ate no bread or pasta, no potatoes or rice. I exercised for some 20 minutes a day. With in a month my number is lowered to 220, my hdl rises from 80 to 120, my ratio was 1.9.

Then I ate more chocolate, had a little bread, and more ice cream then my cholesterol rises to 259, hdl only drops to 111, my ratio is 2.3. Grains and sugars were the culprits anything too starchy, including starchy veggies, is considered as sugar by the body. As you get older, the body cannot keep up, and your health will start to decline. So you have to change the diet less in starchy foods.

I had my Cholesterol checked and it was 190 total. My doctor prescribed medication but I declined and I wanted to try to reduce it on my own. I changed my diet by excluding meat, dairy & poultry and for 4 weeks ate only fish, oatmeal and veggies & started doing exercise. When I went for my follow up, my cholesterol was dropped to 155 total.

The next month, I added carbs to my diet such as whole wheat, fruit, rice but avoided cholesterol containing foods. I did however, allow myself sugar, as in hard candy.

My latest cholesterol test result and the numbers shot up to a total of 200, which was never that high even when I was consuming cheese, fried chicken, chips, cookies and whatever else I wanted. I was too astounded and after analysis I assume it can be due to too much carbs in my diet and not enough veggies?