Pink eye

I have bacterial conjunctivitis and become pink eye. Put enough clean solution into the lens case. I've been on Doxycycline is used to prevent pink eye (conjunctivitis).
It works by interrupting the growth of bacteria.

I had a friend go blind from pink eye .She went deep sea fishing with no sun glasses. Spent a fortune , only to go blind.

I wore hard contacts for 30 years. Maybe had pink eye once. But I have had pink eye a few time after that. I have always used Chloramphenicol for treatment. In one day the problem went away . But I also continued the drops for two more days.

I think it may be the strongest anti-biotic you can find. Not sure ?

Good luck to you , and stay out of the sun

Tin AKA Herman

I'm not sure, But read that if someone is having pink eye and suggested by a doctor to get an eye drop. Then one would go by and ask the pharmacist. Luckily It didn't pass pink eye on with anyone. Make sure you wash your hands often and do not touch your eye. Also don't share towels with anyone and change your pillow case nightly.

A pink eye is the one of the symptom of conjunctivitis. Itching, burning, stinging, irritation, pain, grittiness these are another symptoms of conjunctivitis. these conjunctivitis can be bacterial, viral and allergic as well.
Most of the times pink eye are not considered serious but in some cases it can become serious...