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Low Blood Pressure Homeopathy

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Low Blood Pressure Homeopathy

Low blood pressure homeopathic remedies use very small dosage for hypotension treatment; it can raise your blood pressure by stimulating your body system.

If you are looking for home remedies instead of homeopathic remedies, then visit home remedies for low blood pressure.

Homeopathic remedies for low blood pressure help to raise blood pressure to a normal range. Homeopathy remedies are highly individualized based on both physical as well as mental symptoms. Thus treatment will be effective.

5 Low blood pressure homeopathic remedies

Low blood pressure causes are digestion problem, heart conditions, endocrine problems, Infections, food allergy, circulation defect, and nutritional deficiency. Homeopathy helps to address these low-pressure causes and normalizes your blood pressure.

Homeopathic low BP remedies will stimulate your body organ to normalize blood pressure. Homeopathy uses minute doses to treat the low pressure, so it works without any side effects.

  1. Adrenaline: Adrenaline also knows as Epinephrine, stimulates sympathetic nerves. The active principle of the medulla of the suprarenal gland, (cortical secretion not yet isolated), is employed as a chemical messenger in the regulation of the activities of the body; in fact, its presence is essential to the activity of the sympathetic nerve. Adrenaline stimulates sympathetic nerve endings, with a resulting rise in blood pressure. It is especially observed in stomach, intestines. Furthermore noticed, slowing of pulse, (medullary vagus stimulation), and strengthening of the heart beat (increased myocardial contractility), increased glandular activity, glycosuria; depression of the respiratory center; contraction of muscular tissue of eye, uterus, vagina; relaxation of muscular tissue of stomach, intestines, bladder. Dosage: Because of its affinity for oxygen, the drug easily decomposes in watery and dilutes acid solutions. The solution must protect from air and light. It must not too frequently repeat, owing to cardiac and arterial lesions. For homeopathic use 2x to 6x attenuation is preferred. Materia medica - Adrenaline.
  2. Cactus Grandiflorus: This hypotension remedy is suitable for those who have a feeble, irregular, quick, & weak heart pulse. It is the heart and arteries, especially that at once respond to the influence of Cactus, producing very characteristic tightening as of an iron band. The mental signs are melancholy, taciturn, sad, ill-humored, fear of death screams with pain and anxiety. There are congestions or an irregular distribution of blood. Heart signs are the weak heart, pulse feeble, irregular, quick-without-strength, endocardial murmurs, excessive impulse, increased pri-cordial dullness, enlarged ventricle, Low blood pressure. Suggested dosage is a tincture (best made from flowers), to third attenuation. Higher should be for nervous palpitation. Materia medica - Cactus grandiflorus.
  3. Camphor: This natural low BP remedy is preferred for those with icy coldness of the whole body; the sudden sinking of strength; pulse small and weak. If the temperature is subnormal, low blood pressure, three doses camphor 1x, 15-minute intervals. Palpitation, Breath cold, suspended respiration.Suggested dosage is a tincture, in drop doses, repeated frequently, or smelling of Spirits of Camphor. Potencies are equally effective. Materia medica - Camphor.
  4. Viscum Album: Remedy for low blood pressure with dilated blood vessels but does not act on the centers in the medulla. Pulse is slow due to central irritation of the vagus. The symptoms point to rheumatic and gouty complaints, neuralgia, and sciatica. For Epilepsy, chorea, metrorrhagia, Rheumatic Deafness, Asthma, Spinal pains due to uterine causes and Rheumatism with tearing pains. Heart - pulse small and weak, unable to rest in a reclining position and Palpitation. Suggested dosage is tincture and lower potencies. Materia medica - Viscum album.
  5. Carbo Vegetabilis: This natural low blood pressure remedy is best suitable for sluggish, fat, lazy and has a tendency to chronic complaints. Blood seems to stagnate in the capillaries, causing blueness, coldness, and ecchymosis. For low vital, power due to loss of fluids, aversion to darkness, fear of ghosts and sudden loss of memory. Stomach signs are Eructation, heaviness, fullness, and sleepiness. Suggested dosage is first to the third trituration in stomach disorders. Thirtieth potency and higher is suitable for chronic conditions and collapse. Materia medica - Carbo vegetabilis.

You can take low-pressure homeopathic remedies along with low-pressure herbs, low-pressure yoga, low BP acupressure, and low-pressure reflexology for a more effective result.

How do you handle your homeopathic remedies?

Keep the medicines away from direct sunlight, heat, do not store in the fridge and not near EMI source such as computer, TV, DVD, all electronic items.

While taking your homeopathic pills, don’t touch the pills just drop 3 or 4 pills in the inner side of the bottle cap and put into your mouth. If you are taking homeopathy in liquid form; then, take a glass of water and drop required dosage of homeopathy drops into the water and drink it.

If you are new to Homeopathy system of medicine and want to try it with a maximum benefit, then we advise you to know what is Homeopathy.Homeopathic PrincipleHow do you choose a homeopathy remedy?How do you choose a homeopathic remedy for chronic conditions? And Laws of homeopathic cure.

Is High blood pressure Homeopathic remedies safe?

Homeopathic remedies are safe; many skeptics are try to prove it as placebo (no medicine) by consuming a full bottle of the remedy. It proves even when you consumes the entire bottle of remedy, it does not cause any known harm (even though don’t try this).

Homeopathic remedies are highly personalized (individualized). Thus it is difficult to generalize about overall effectiveness. For life-threatening conditions (e.g. heart attack), do not try homeopathy, and should not delay seeking proved therapies.

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